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TheRealMrEd's Wild Ride in 2020


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Hello again, seems like only a few days ago that I was writing up last year's build log.  Time flies!  But, I was determined to make the best of this rather trying year...


Anyway, here are this years completed models, although a couple were shelf queens from yesteryear.  First up, the Lift Here Models Piper PA-58 -- last of the Mustangs:




For those interested, the build thread is HERE


Next up, the first Great Blue Whale, the XA3D-1 conversion of the Hasegawa A3B:




XA3D-1 Build Thread HERE


Next up, the Wingnuts Models XP-72 resin kit:




XP-72 Build Thread HERE


Next up, a more ambitious project, the kit-bash of the Academy P-47D Razorbaxk into the XP-47B prototype:




XP-47B Build Thread HERE


Next up, another resin kit, the LF Models Curtiss XP-42, a variation of the P-36/P-40 family:




XP-42 Build Thread HERE


Next, another LF Models resin kit, this time the Curtiss XP-31 Swift:




More XP-31 Photos HERE






XF-91 Build Thread HERE


Another resin kit, this time the Anigrand Bell XP-83:




XP-83 Build Thread HERE


And last one for the year, a kit-bash of the Academy P-47D Razorback into an XP-47J Superbolt:




XP-47J Build Thread HERE


Not a lot of models this year, but some welcome additions to the collection.  For those interested, the pertinent articles contain custom artwork that you are free to use for any non-commercial purpose.


Thanks for looking,







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