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Jonners' Models for 2020, variety being the spice of life.

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Seasons greetings all, I guess I should display the cast list to my 2020 Blockbuster 'Modelling with a Mask':)

Varied scales this year, as articles dictated what I was given mostly, but they were all fun, and kept me safe. Most have been in SAM so apologies for the repeats ( but that's what you get at Christmas!)

Aunty A's lovely 1/72 Naval Brick started the year. Decals are from the old Modeldecals sheet.

Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIICJ, a test for some new NMF paints, but Mirages have to be silver, don't they?

HK Models 1/48 B-17G occupied a lot of time - decals came from various sources. A simple kit for its size, which is no bad thing.

Das Werk 1/32 Ju 137 'Starschiff Unternehmungslust' was an interesting bit of speculative whiffery. Nice kit.

Modelsvit's  Bf-109D in 1/48 was from the early part of Lockdown 1 I think. Really lovely little project; although the fit wasn't as great as others have experienced.

Another Modelsvit 1/48- Yak 9D- A shelf of doom save - finished in a spare moment. 

Special Hobby 1/32 Fiat G.50 in Corpo Aereo Italiano markings of Major Bolzano. This was a fun model, although it did need 'building'

Fine Molds lovely little 1/48 Ki-15, with the cockpit's weird  sideways folding canopies posed open. 

KittyHawks 1/48 FJ-2 was much anticipated by me, and got a lot of attention for this build. 

Clear Prop released this 1/72 Ki-51 Sonia, which was a tiny treat, although the paint job was 'fun'!

Very Long Range P-51D courtesy of Eduard in 1/48. Modelling bliss.

Swedish J20 Falco from Special Hobby in 1/48. Takes a bit of work but it's a handsome thing when done.

Tamiya's 1/48 old F-15C backdated to an early F-15A.  A real labour of love and I'm very pleased with the result.

Al Deere's Spit Mk.1 in 1/48 from the recent Eduard dual boxing.  Another first class model that slips together like a decent single malt.

Tempest Mk.1 conversion from the Eduard Mk V kit on 1/48th, with scratch built nose and wing rads. The sexiest Tempest I'd say.

There's one more in the wings, that should make it for 2020 but it's still in prog, so will be added later.
Cheers all, and may 2021 be a darn sight less 'interesting' too. Keep safe, stay healthy and take care.


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A wonderful line up Jon, the Fiat G.50, (that paint flaking looks so realistic) & the Tempest Mk I, (definitely the sexiest of the family & a helluva good job on it), stand out for me, mainly 'cause they're what I like, taking away nothing from the rest though, brilliant.


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