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I've been spoiled for Crimbo!

My sister bought me the one true version of War of the Worlds, the 1954 George Pal classic.

OK,the acting was a bit hammy but, this was a joy to watch in comparison to the Tom Cruise abomination and, the utterly unwatchable BBC disaster! The scene where the Martian War Machines first appear  gliding  silently above the ridge behind which they were hiding  is one of my favourite film moments.


Other delights? She also bought me the excellent series "Chernobyl" and, my partner bought me all three seasons of Hannibal.

For those not familiar with the latter, it has nothing to do with Hannibal of Carthage 😉😂.

The lead character is  Dr Hannibal Lecter, a k a Hannibal the cannibal, so chillingly portrayed in film by Anthony Hopkins. It was originally shown on Netflix.

Funny thing is, my partner wouldn't watch it with me on Netflix A bit too gruesome and scary for her tastes!

Mads Mikkelsen takes the leading role and, is a truly scary Lecter! I have been binge watching  since Friday. Still got another 25 out of 40 episodes to go!! 😂



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i love the George Pal version and look forward to to day that an authentic version is produced for tv or cinema. 

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