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The other tiny SE5a

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Inspired by BbDave's cereal packet SE5a in what I estimate is about 1/159, I thought I'd build mine. I only looked it up to estimate the scale but thought I needed something to do whilst waiting for the yellow paint to dry on my Baynes Bat.


 As you can see I have the right paint and some teeny A type roundels. Unfortunately I have mislaid the instructions 😉



Assembly is quite quick but decided to leave top wing off and paint seperately - I have my reasons



Now to let this paint dry !

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The spiders to do the rigging have gone on strike, so like an earlier build when I couldn't find my usual supply I used human hair.




 Obviously I have a lot of tidying to do including making and fitting a couple of interplane struts.


 This is my Avro 504Q that I did earlier in the year during the first lockdown. At least I am no longer modelling in a kitchen with a small boy running through shouting 'charge' and chasing a puppy !

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