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Panzer IV Ausf. J Tamiya 1/48th

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Hi there!,


I mostly do aircraft and ships and It's been 10 years since I build a tank. Since then a lot has happened in the armour world with many new publications on weathering techniques. Probably the most difficult part is not to overdo and to get all the effects in scale, which is quite difficult in this smaller 1/48th, but been my first in such a long time I'm quite happy with the result, it is far from perfect but it is a start and the most important thing is that I had a lot of fun!






























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21 hours ago, Bullbasket said:

That's a really good looking model. The paint job and the weathering are first class. Great work.



Thank you very much John! 😀


21 hours ago, Sancho Panzer said:

Great looking model; excellent painting and weathering especially in 1/48 scale - really like the chipping, rust streaks and the mud on the running gear is superb,


cheers, Andrew

Thanks Andrew!. I was concern the effects were not "in scale" and that I overdo them a bit. But as I said, it is my first tank in 10 years so I'm happy


21 hours ago, Homer said:

Excellent looking model 👍👏

Thank you Homer 👍

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