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Aircraft in production diorama help needed

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Hi folks! 

I’m buikding a 1/48 F-16 and have decided I want to do it as it’s just coming off the production line and so still in primer prepaint. To do it justice I need some maintenance scaffolding/ladders/platforms for it but can I find any!?🤷‍♂️

if anyone has any ideas, preferably not scratch build as I’m not proficient enough for that sadly, then I’m all ears!

Like this pic if possible or similar. http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/f16_2.jpg



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Would love to say that I know where to get accessories like that.  I have scratch built my own stands, ladders & a platform with tool kits from the old ESCI ground crew kit to make this maintenance facility.



So I will keep an eye to see if you get some suggestions!

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Hi Phil


Interesting idea, the rear yellow platform in your picture resembles a USAF B4 Maintenance Platform (available from Hannants in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales) but the platforms surrounding the nose look like they are bespoke items for the Lockheed production line. 


However, if you wanted to depict the jet "just rolling off the production line" does this give you an alternative presentation option?



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