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Typhoon bomb rack location

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In the Airfix Magazine supplement by @Chris Thomas he states the position of the bomb rack moved when 1,000lb bombs were used, from near the inner cannon to near the mid-point between the cannon.


The recent 1/72 Airfix kit seems to have the position somewhere toward the mid-point and not as near to the inner cannon as the Bentley drawings in Scale Models. So I think I need to move it inboard if I want to fit drop tanks?


Please can anyone confirm?

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I believe the Airfix kit has a correctly positioned 1000 lb bomb carrier.  This position was not used for LRTs - they employed the same location as the earlier bomb carriers ie. almost under the inner cannon.  It was not possible to carry bomb and LRT on the same wing simultaneously, but the 1000 lb bomb carrier could be (and was) left in place when LRT were carried on Typhoons so-equipped.

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