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Airfix 1/72 TSR2 Early RAF scheme

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So this build has been going on for 6 years on and off ( mainly off ) is finally coming to the close. In fact  I started playing with the plastic and making plans 3 years before that! My intention with this build was to find the gem of a TSR2 kit that we saw in the original (resin?) pattern that appeared in the magazines of the time, that was hidden beneath some rather indifferent tooling. Made in the pre-CAD days the fit of the parts left a lot to be desired and often caused the details that were there to be obliterated by liberal applications of filler. I wanted to try and show that if the parts were properly prepped and fettled then the amount of filler and sanding could be dramatically reduced. In the meantime everyone else got on built the kit or fifteen!


I'm not one for building whiff schemes usually as they often stretch reason to breaking point so but I had originally intended to build the Empire Test Pilot scheme in it's famous white, red and blue as I felt this was a plausible outcome where the production was still cancelled but the airframe was used for test and research work. I came across a build of this kit in this scheme ( admitted not well painted ) but the dark blue obscured all the detail in the underside making it look 2 dimensional and put me off it. I do love these scheme but will try it on a model with less time invested in it. So I decided to plump the early service scheme provided by Xtradecal (40 Sqn, RAF Coningsby, early 1968). In my mind though the saga of the TSR2 was just extended by a few years; a few service acceptance machines made were constructed and made it into the hands of the RAF who quickly repainted them from the factory anti-flash white to the camouflaged upper surfaces that was just starting to be applied to other service aircraft, the undersides with their low vis stencils were untouched.  This was a vain attempt to make the TSR2 look like a part of the modern RAF arsenal. The airframes didn't even get fitted with the refuelling probe before the political rambling that had being going on for many years finally came to an end and cancelled the order for the production machines.


Apart from the improvement to the fix of the main parts here is summary of the additional work done.


Details added/replaced:

  • Fin intake added
  • Intake boundary layer guide vanes, replaced (vague moulding)
  • Correct bogie retraction arm location
  • Replaced pitot tube
  • Nose and main leg cabling, nose steering jacks



  • The pre-painted Eduard "Zoom" PE had great details but poor colour choices, maybe try painting them MSG and using the kit decals
  • Xtradecals were disappointing in  that they broke up as well a the lack of stencils and other small decals for the camo  schemes. The Model Alliance whiff sets look better but focus on RAF schemes.
  • The Palva seats were lovely, and could be used to build a museum setting, they of cause need the inevitable trimming to fit.
  • AIM ladders worked well too, though I replaced the poles with brass rod.


Hind sight is a wonderful tool, however there things that I could have done better:

  • Fixed the undersized bomb doors, before attaching
  • Replaced and detail the ill fitting cockpit rear bulkheads
  • Sanded the rear fuselage with the exhaust fairing in place so the contours match
  • Better clear coats, I think the slight silvering places is down to the texture of my gloss coats


As usual the final assembly threw up a few issues but I'm pleased I fought to get the cockpit canopies, probe, legs and tail all in alignment to be able to take the head on shot. I'm very happy with the camo and weathering and the overall look of the model, but at the moment mainly glad that it is finally finished.


tl:dr here are the photos ( under dull, winter light unfortunately )























... and here it is on the shelf with all my other pointy British jets.




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Lovely build, James. 👍


I am about to start a TSR2 what-if in a RAF "snow" camouflage scheme, a build that I have been planning on doing for donkeys years! If it turns out half as good as yours, I will be more than happy.



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3 minutes ago, James88 said:

Absolutely love it in the camo scheme. I’ve got one to build and think I’ll just stick to the white scheme. Just wondering what you used for the canopy tint?


Thanks. I’ve built the excellent Pitroad 1/144 kit in the original white scheme. I tinted the canopy with Tamiya clear orange. 

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8 minutes ago, JamesP said:


Thanks. I’ve built the excellent Pitroad 1/144 kit in the original white scheme. I tinted the canopy with Tamiya clear orange. 

Thank you. The airfix instructions say Humbrol 1320 I think it is but from the look of it it has been discontinued and I couldn’t find an alternative 

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Delightful Sir,every inch a "service"jet.


If one remembers correctly,the resin model one refers to,was out in the early nineties and made by a company called "Resitech".

It was (allegedly)very accurate and had etched brass cockpits and undercarriage details,plus main undercarriage components done

as white metal castings with white metal ejection seats.

One believes that all the etched brass work was done by Tim Perry of the then highly regarded "P.P Aeroparts"range of etched accessories.

Having seen the kit built up at a show some years back,it certainly made a very impressive looking model.

Whether the kit is still available is a question to be asked,as to it's price,one would imagine it to be quite expensive nowadays.

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