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1/72 Airfix Seaking HAR.3 (old tool) Finished

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Hi all, hope you had a happy Christmas. 


On Christmas my stash has grown a little, by ten. These included 5 lynx (ready for the 50th year since its first flight), A Rotodyne, Belvedere, Whirlwind, Seaking (all 72 scale) and finally a 1/144 A380 (which is mahoosive) 


It took me a while to choose, but as the title suggests i chose the Seaking to build.


Being the old tool kit, i have heard a lot of bad about it. So far, apart from having a non existent interior, its not terrible. I decided to only add seat belts to the cockpit seats and nothing else for the interior. 




I have now added the canopy, which was a struggle, and started filling.

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585 has been fully built, sanding and filling has been almost finished. Not too much bad too say about this build if I'm honest, definitely not the worst kit i have tackled. Rotors and Radome left removable for ease of painting.


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Finished the king probably the best of a week ago now, and I have let myself down. I decided to try to add some exhaust staining to it (which i never do) and completely messed it up. Luckily it wasn't the best of kits, and i want to build another HAR.3 in the future. The decals are ever so slightly milky, I'm assuming its just down to the age. (its not silvering, im a bit too used to that) The mrbs weren't painted in any particular way, just looked at some HAR.3 photos and like them with one yellow blade. I look the like of this one, but hate it at the same time. I also forgot to add clear smoke to the sun windows but oh well.



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