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Scootin' along at Christmas

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The decision has been made.


This is going to be my entry



1/48 scale but still small enough to fit in my ever diminishing space. I have no idea on how this will go together having not experienced Hobby Boss kits before, but it looks fairly doable in 24 hours.

Selected scheme will be 



As these always look clean in photos so weathering is going to be minimal. 


Start date will be tomorrow afternoon after the last family leaves and I get my bench back.

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The time is getting on for half eleven which means eight hours to go.



As you can see, there has been a massive application of white. Now time for another coffee.

I was going to cheat and keep this clean, but while the paint dries enough to mask I might get some ordnance assembled.

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OK, times up. Calling this done after 22 hours 15 minutes.











This has been a very enjoyable build with a really good fit throughout. With more caution I believe even the small amount of filler I used probably wouldn't have been needed. The decals were excellent in their application and conforming to to shape, even settling over the vortex generators on the wing. 

I expect that I will fettle this more in the future to tidy it up a bit, but it still looks the part.


These Blitzenbuild challenges are a real blast and clear the cobwebs away from the drudgery of researching every last detail before even gluing 2 bits together. Almost going back to our childhood and going from box to brmmmm noises in a day.


I would like to thank all for your support and comments along the way. 

See you at the next one.

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