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1:32 Toyota Forklift truck from Aoshima [Complete!]

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Having built a few 'normal' kits lately, I thought it was time to return to the 'unusual' again. For this foray into the unusual I'm goign to take a bash at this kit I picked up last year when I discovered the joys of the Hasegawa construction machinery kits. I had to import this from Japan, but that wasn't a hardship (back then, nowadays with the dreaded B-word who the hell knows!)




Now the downside to this is its in 1:32 scale and the Hasegawa models are 1:35, but in the end who cares as they are unlikely to appear in a diorama together!


Here is the obligatory sprue shot




Of note is the set of metal counterweights in the bottom left next to the rubber tyres in their plastic bag. Top right is the figure sprue, this is moulded in soft vinyl plastic which means I'm unlikely to use it for the model as we all know how useful that is!




Also of note is the two packs of wooden stakes that are included for the cargo




Again, because I'm not using the figure I'll be unlikely to use these as I doubt you'd leave a forklift truck unattended with a load! Here are the instructions






and the progress so far. I've been building this alongside the resin Angel Interceptor, switching between them when things need to dry or cure in one of them. Yes I am that bored at present since work shut down on Xmas Eve and won't start again until January :)

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I forgot to post the last photo to show the progress made while watching Paddington 2 on Xmas Eve :)




Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, the uprights are a bit crooked in this photo! It was only after seeing this pic I realised and they have now been fixed!

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On 12/26/2020 at 11:55 AM, Kallisti said:

...because I'm not using the figure I'll be unlikely to use these as I doubt you'd leave a forklift truck unattended with a load!

Oh no, of course we wouldn't do that, not at all. Never. :innocent:

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Having completed the otehr builds for the end of 2020, now it back to the forklift and slowly things are taking shape. its a much more complicated and fiddly build than the last one of the Angel Interceptor which was essentially about a dozen parts to assemble. This build requires most parts to be painted before assembly.


So far the maon body is coming together with the engine and the rear steering axle just been added. This is all moulded in orange plastic and has to be painted with multiple shades of black!






Then on the underside... some tidy up is still required :)




More will be forthcoming...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Progress has been ongoing and the central platform which includes the dashboard hase been installed, along with the rear body




You get a better view of the dashboard and the controls here




The driver's platform and seat have also been assembled and ready to add, but before that the cab framework needs to go on and that is the next task




Should not be much longer on this I reckon!

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Assembly has progressed a bit further and decals have been applied and weathering is ongoing:








Still need to add the forks at the front, front lights and the rear-view mirrors. I'm working on the weathering for the forsk - my initial attempt at using the hairspray technique for paint chipping failed dismally, so had to start again, but they are looking much better second time round. This should be pretty much finished later today...



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Here it is finally complete! The last job was to attach the forward facing lights and the rear-view mirrors plus the forks themselves once they'd been suitably weathered.











This was an immensely fun build, looks utterly superb and takes up little space on the display shelves so its a win all round.


Oh, one last thing: I've been told that it is very careless to leave the forks raised like this but I'm afraid thats as low as the kit will allow you to pose them, so I'm afraid Health n Safety are going to be having some words!

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  • Kallisti changed the title to 1:32 Toyota Forklift truck from Aoshima [Complete!]

Very nice and not overly weathered. probably only two weeks old then :laugh: You could make a pallet to cover the forks? Elf n safety innit?

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