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Marines attack helicopter AH-1G Cobra, Vietnam 1970 (AZ Model, 1/72)

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3 hours ago, jrlx said:

Thank you very much Russ!

Some types in some scales seem to get systematically neglected. For instance, I'm still waiting for a modern tooling Alpha Jet in 1/72.

Absolutely!  Tons of new Tomcats, nothing wrong with that by the way, and 109's. But the last scale 1/48 AH-1G dates from 1967...

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3 hours ago, Matthew1974 said:

Excellent well used look!

Thank you very much Matthew!

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On 03/01/2021 at 08:56, Filbert_Wang said:

Amazing work, the effect of the mottling of the camo has worked superbly!

Thank you very much! As I said elsewhere, I used a combination of "black base" and "marbling" with two lighter tones of green for pre-shade. I've been trying this technique in my latest builds as an alternative to the classic grey primer plus black pre-shading of panel lines.







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