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Airfix 1:48 Walrus - finished just in time for Christmas!

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Well, I've finally completed my Walrus!  It’s taken far longer than I’d anticipated, but I guess that’s par for the course...   In my case it’s largely due to being a novice (with an eye for detail), so I’ve tended to spend a lot of time researching the aircraft, squadron history, paint schemes, thickness of rigging wires, etc, etc.  I’ve been impressed by the quality of this kit, the only minor niggle was the omission of the short aerial mast atop the tail fin. 


Within the cockpit I was surprised that Airfix didn’t include the second pilots control column in its stowed position nor the stowage cradle for the F24 camera. I did consider building these from scratch but in the end decided to save enhancements for future models.  Apart from that a very clean build, perfect for a modeller coming out of retirement!  Major lessons learned - plan the build better and apply all transfers before rigging (which I didn't do...).


 The Walrus also gave me a chance to have a go at airbrushing (thanks to the loan of equipment from a good friend and ace BM modeller - 'Johnson'.  I primed the whole thing with Halfords grey primer and then airbrushed the final aluminium finish.  It all went surprisingly well for a first timer...  I then hit problems with a damaged roundel  - which meant printing a replacement using transparent and white decal paper.  It worked a treat with a close colour match to the original.


I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of reference material available online, plenty of images, and an original Walrus service manual on the Seawings website.  I used this to study the interior detail and work out the gauge of wires needed for the rigging.  The rigging is far from perfect and I'm sure I'll add more detail to my next projects - a Tiger Moth and Swordfish seaplane.  I decided to create the bracing wires from fishing line (0.14mm), and tension them using the techniques that have been well explained in various BM posts.  Very satisfying process although tricky at times! 


Once we get our freedom back I must re-visit Yeovilton FAA museum to check out the real thing!  Merry Christmas!



50715887433_bd5fa83b7a_b.jpg IMG_1896 IMG_3583







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Excellent model Phil, :goodjob:


The rigging looks superb. Great finish and I love the rivet detail in the close-ups. My only (very minor) suggestion, maybe some matt clear varnish on those tyres?


Happy Christmas!

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On 24/12/2020 at 22:01, Johnson said:

My only (very minor) suggestion, maybe some matt clear varnish on those tyres?

Thanks Charlie,  Yes, good point - the 'glossiness' really stands out from that angle, which is clearly wrong, I'll get some matt varnish! Phil

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