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Do 17z camo

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I've just completed a RLM 70/70/65 paint scheme on the Airfix Dornier using  Xtracrylic paints. I know the 70/71 tints didn't sgow much contrast, which is why I abandoned the Humbrol colours I used to use, but my word!  These acrylic tints are almost indistinguishable - if they are anything like correct it makes you wonder why rhe Germans bothered doing the camo ar all!

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They are both 'dark' in colour, but there should still be a clear difference in appearance between 70 and 71.  Never used xtracrylix, so not really sure how they turn out..

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That's correct - RLM70 and RLM71 form a scheme with minimal contrast. They are indistinguishable from longer ranges and in some combinations of observer-angle-to-illumination-angles.








Modellers want to see it more obviously and tend to grossly exaggerate any difference in appearance due to their mental image which is probably based on the 1969 Battle of Britain movie. The two paints can usually be distinguished when directly (and quite strongly) illuminated, but as a general rule the difference between them should be towards the subtle rather than the obvious.

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I just happened to have on the work bench Valiant Wings book on the Do 17Z and staring back at me was this cover.




Inside there are more images with the usual regarding demarcation - that is, now you see it, now you don't. I have to admit that nearly every overhead shot shows some demarcation with various levels of contrast and that is excluding Finnish Olive Green.  Personally, I like to see some demarcation.  Call it "modeller's preference" although it is really based on looking at lots of photos usually of the subject in the conditions I wish to portray. So where to put the stake in the ground. This is Gunze, allowing for all the photography and monitor vagaries, as I wanted to represent it with a finish impacted by Balkan conditions with slightly faded RLM 71. Demarcation not overstated but it is there.




My preference has been Gunze, because colour and I like their Aqueous Hobby Color and Mr Color thinned with Mr Color Leveling Thinner and, importantly, it is easy for me to source. I'm sure if I was an enamel man, Colourcoats would be the first port of call based on their excellent reputation for colour correctness and Jamie's seriousness in getting it right.








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My go-to brand is Tamiya acrylics. I use for RLM 70 Black green - XF 27 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips), and for RLM 71 Dark Green - XF 81 (lighter, matched to Monogram and Kookaburra chips).  They match well with the paint chips listed (just a little lighter, but that's scale effect,) and I've been quite happy with the results.











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