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Yak-130 Interior 3D Decal (QD48007 for Zvezda) 1:48


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Yak-130 Interior 3D Decal (QD48007 for Zvezda)

1:48 Quinta Studios




When Quinta’s innovative products first came to our attention they caused quite a stir, as well they should.  The replacement Instrument Panels and internal details are mind-boggling to look at, because we’re used to seeing simplified styrene instrument panels, or Photo-Etch Brass panels with either two layers of etch, or laminated parts that can be tricky to glue together, even though they might be pre-painted for your ease.  But decals?  These aren’t your run-of-the-mill decals though, they’re 3D printed in many layers and colours on a flat carrier film, having as much in the way of elevation as is needed to complete a realistic panel printed in the correct colours, complete with shiny dial faces and metallic-effect hardware, and often including cushions and seat belts in the set.


Each set arrives in a ziplok bag with a folded instruction booklet protecting the decals, which are also separately bagged, so should reach you in good condition.  The pictorial instructions are printed on glossy paper, and are shown in full colour as befits the awesomeness of the sets, showing exactly where each part should go on the actual model, so there’s no confusion due to the “pictures speak a thousand words” maxim.  Additional hints and instructions are also included, marking out parts needing bases, kit parts and other useful tips.  The technical instructions are text-based, giving additional tips to the new user about maximising adhesion and preventing lift at the edges by wicking in super glue.




Application is much the same as your standard decal, but you will need to remove any raised detail that would be underneath the location depicted in the instructions, and some new parts will need small backing panels or bases on which to apply the decal.  A slim piece of sheet styrene would perform that task, and painting the edges a matching colour should minimise its appearance or render it completely invisible.




This set is patterned for the recent Zvezda Yak-130, or Mitten as NATO call it.  The set comprises two sheets, the larger one containing a full set of seat cushions, belts, straps and even the pull-handles to initiate ejection, complete with red warning paint where necessary.  The smaller sheet contains instrument panel segments, and three large MFD panels per cockpit are surrounded by buttons, and have a deep green shiny finish, just like the real thing when switched off.  There are also two white det-cord canopy breaker runs that can be seen in the top of the canopy, shattering the plexiglass in the event of an emergency exit.  These can be attached invisibly with a little Klear/Future.  The panels are in the more modern bluish shade, and due to how the panels are fitted into every space around the pilots and MFDs, they are supplied in a number of parts that fill up the area gradually, making the task easier for the modeller.



The detail on the parts are incredible, even down to the cushions with a quilted surface, differing textures and impressive crispness of the whole set.  I’d love to see the printing process in-motion, but to me it still seems like magick!  This big open cockpit now really needs a vacform canopy to show off the details, especially as my Zvezda kit seems to have arrived with badly fogged/scuffed canopies.


Very highly recommended.




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