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MRCA 002 Tornado Prototype 1/48 scale

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MRCA 002 from Revell Tornado GR4 1/48 scale


A GR4 backdated to the original MRCA prototype 002 as per its first flight.

Modifacations to the kit include straight taileron leading edges and anti flutter test rigs on the tips.

Reshaping the top and base of the fin

Adding cable ducts to the undersides

Reprofiling the top of the intake ramps.

The cockpit is simplified with most of the rear instrument panels removed.


Paints from Mr Colour and decals home printed from artwork supplied by @britjet


This is a complex and challenging kit but very satisfying when completed. 


20201201_154906 (2)







20201201_154933 (2)


20201201_154831 (2)


More pictures and the build thread here   Colin W MRCA Build thread






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YThat's a very nice representation of a significant aeroplane, sadly XX946 is now up for disposal from the RAFM collection.  Maybe SWAM could be conned persuaded, into taking her on.


There was an article in Air International in early 1976 covering the early stages of the development programme which included mention of an incident that could have seen '946 become the first MRCA/Tornado write off.  During a low level run across the airfield at Warton the jet suffered a bird strike which caused the left engine to surge.  The pilot closed the throttle for that engine whilst selecting reheat on the other; unfortunately although the nozzle opened the reheat didn't light (at the time there was no indication in the cockpit that reheat had lit although I believe that such an indication was provided in later aircraft), resulting in a significant reduction in thrust and the start of an unplanned descent towards the green bits.  Fortunately the mis match between selected power and nozzle position caused the starboard engine to surge to which the pilot responded by closing the throttle; the nozzle also closed,  increasing thrust and allowing the descent to be arrested before the Martin Baker option needed to be taken.

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