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JU-87D canopy

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Hello all, I wonder if anyone has some information they would be willing to share about the Ju87 canopy.


As you can see I'm building the trumpeter kit D version and found an issue. The forward canopy has a recess (which i believe will need to be filed out) for the mast, but it will leave a hole in the canopy when the forward canopy is in the closed position. So my question is, would there be a hole in the forward glass when its in the closed position or is there a rubber or mechanism that covers said hole when its in the closed position? spacer.pngspacer.png

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Hi David,


I have not seen reference to a seal that comes into play in the forward position. Someone might chime in with the information. I've never been able to spot one.


D Canopy


D Canopy 3


Just as an aside, note there is a lot of internal framing on the Stuka canopy and also the alignment of pilot's headrest with the forward edge of the canopy in the fully open position. 


D Canopy 4


One thing that is exaggerating the gap with the Trumpeter rendition is that the rear wide frame of the front sliding section should overlap the forward frame/bulkhead of the centre section in the closed position reducing the size of the "hole".


D Canopy 2


I doubt it fully eliminates the hole. I should have a better side on image than this of the closed canopy. I'll post it when I dig it out.


Looks a really nice build you have underway.




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In all of the photos I was able to find in my references and online, it looks like that solid area on the Trumpeter kit needs to be removed, leaving a 'U' shaped opening. If there were either a rubber boot that would be compressed by the mast or a plate that was hinged on one side and deflected down when the canopy was slid back, you would be able to see it in the closeup photos of the hood  that are out there. I have the Kagero Ju-87D/G monographs No. 54 and 55, as well as the Valiant Wings Airframe in Miniature 14 on the Ju-87, and in none of the photos or factory diagrams do I see anything but a 'U' shaped opening at the back of the pilot's canopy.


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Thanks chaps, I have run through the whole Internet (well it seems like it) to find the answer, but I like you have now come to the conclusion that the slot needs to be filed out. 

Id love to see a picture of just the front cockpit canopy to confirm that there is a hole in it while its in flight to be 100% sure, but till I find one, I've come to the same conclusion as you....the slots gotta go. 

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I agree, I've never seen evidence of a rubber or brush-form flexible seal. Odd, really, as it would have been easy for them to do.

Looking at the location it seems likely that the slot is in a low-pressure zone so the chances are it won't let the rain in during flight, but it sure will on the ground.

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3 minutes ago, Work In Progress said:

Odd, really, as it would have been easy for them to do.

And very un-german not to. 

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