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The Falcon of Malta- Spitfire VC Special Hobby 1/48

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Hi all


I managed to squeeze this one in before Christmas and finish up 2020 from a modelling perspective. 


This is Special Hobby's Spitfire VC 'Malta Defenders' boxing, completed as George 'Screwball' Beurling's BR323. I was glad to get onto the painting after what was a less than straight forward build than I really wanted. I don't want to over exaggerate the fit issues but I really dislike any filling, sanding and re-scribing, so its always a particularly painful part of a build for me.


So for the paints used- all MRP, azure blue, stone and dark earth went on first- not that you can tell that it was fully painted with this scheme now! I also painted on the no step lines and the wing root walkways and put on the stencil decals at this stage before a gloss and hairspray layer. I chose to paint the walkway stencils on at this point as I'm not sure that the ground crews on Malta would have had the time to repaint these stencils on after they over sprayed with the grey. I then over sprayed it with US blue grey M-485 and using a micro mesh sanding pad lightly removed it in areas that I thought would experience most wear and tear.


On to the weathering which started off with  two washes of Flory dirt and sand, then oils, then weathering pencils and then finally a dusting of pastels for a final layer of dust. 


Hope you like it and Merry Christmas! 
























And just to prove that there was a desert scheme underneath! 










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Thanks all


Thanks PP, it was nice to take the weathering  a bit further than normal

15 minutes ago, Phone Phixer said:

Fantastic. Definitely shows the wear on the hard worked Malta defenders.


Thanks Michael. 

29 minutes ago, WildeSau75 said:

this is a real winner - you nailed the Malta Defender!




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Nice build. I built the same one for my dad as a reminder of when he met George Beurling who was on RnR at a local convent during the war.

If you ever read the first edition of Georges book Malta Spitfire, the two young lads he chats to by the river were my dad and uncle.

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Awesome build, the weathering looks fantastic,  he was a very sharp eyed Pilot and if not seen there is a programme about him I think it is Air Aces or something,  very interesting .  You have done a cracking job there and it's a real beauty.

Great work 


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That is a really excellent Spitfire and shows off the finish very realistically. I'm very impressed with that, and the way you achieved it.



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I recently saw the episode of “air aces” that was about him, as somebody has previously mentioned. He really did seem to be the epitome of what it means to be an ace. I wondered what his plane actually looked like and this model really hits the spot. Nice one. 

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Thank you all for you're kind comments, its been really nice reading them so thank you! The pictures make it look slightly bluer than it is and i think the top coat of US grey was too thick but apart from that i'm really pleased with it. I hadn't realised that there was an upcoming Eduard release of the VC so it's likely that I'm going to be tempted for another run on a Malta spit when that comes out! 


Thanks again and hope you all have a great Christmas and wishing you all the best for the New Year!

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