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AdrianMF's bumper 2020


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Well, started off slow. Didn't finish anything until March, and that was a 1/144 YF-23 that I'd bought in Ohio after seeing the real thing in the USAF Museum. Strictly a fun build, taking all of four hours:



In the Navy GB was an excellent excuse to build the RN trainer boxing of the new Airfix Tiger Moth (my fourth), although I felt a bit guilty about not doing a ship!



Next was the Eldon/Italeri Albatros DIII, a poor copy of the not-so-great Revell kit, redeemed by a good decal sheet:



After which I turned my attention to my Shelf Of Doom. First up, Rareplanes Breda 65, parked due to scratchbuild details mojo overload:



Then the Airfix Fieseler Storch, parked due to short shot canopy bits (and generally awful moulding!):




Followed closely by the Airfix BE2C, parked due to deep-seated phobias related to translucent clear doped linen and complex rigging:




The Red Star/Emhar Mig-3 wasn't really parked, just partly started:



And finally from the Shelf Of Doom, an Airfix Demon, parked because of the dreadful fabric effects on the wings:




May's Blitzbuild GB brought the Revell Polikarpov I-16:



For the Kit You Built As A Kid GB I chose the Airfix Hudson, built a bit differently this time:





The FROG Corsair, purchased at SMW 2018 for the princely sum of 2 quid, was the candidate for the Corsair STGB:



I thought I had to redress the Spitfire/Hurricane/Defiant bias for the Battle Of Britain GB, so the older Airfix 109E with the undersized canopy was my entry:



For the August Blitzbuild GB I squeezed in an Academy Razorback:



...but didn't squeeze in the appropriately-named He-70 "Blitz":



For the Buccaneer GB I built a FROG Buccaneer after giving it some insides:




In the Helicopters/Autogyro/STOVL GB I built a 1/100 VEB Plastikart Mil Mi-4 and set it in a diorama based on a postcard view:



The MTO GB brought an Airfix M3 Grant with the turret rebuilt to proper size:



The Heller GB is a surprise hit; I've done a Dewoitine D.520:


Bloch 152, thanks @Heather Kay for the kit:


and Dewoitine D.501:



Somewhere in there I squeezed in a "pink Spitfire" PR1G:



...and a totally unexpected FROG/Modelhobby Whitley in the KUTA GB, with a swappable up/down undercarriage working feature!




I need to choose an Xmas blitzbuild subject. Dunno yet. 


[edit]: I chose and built the Heller Caudron C.635 Simoun; lovely kit, took a whole eight hours:



So all in all, quite a productive year. Although I've remained employed, and I'm busier than ever working from home, I haven't spent my usual three months a year on the road, so more modelling time!




Works in progress:


Airfix P1127 was unceremoniously usurped by the Mi-4 in the Helis GB:



FROG Baltimore didn't really get started (yet?) in the MTO GB because the Heller GB overtook it:



Heller Dewoitine D.510 patiently awaits its turn:



Heller Vampire is coming along nicely:



Fairey Long Range Monoplane had some infinitesimal progress with perfecting the wings:



Short Empire has a full complement of seats but the Elephant In The Room is that it needs a bit of a KUTA:


And have I kicked my habit of doing ancient kits when there's a better one? Let's see:

Storch - have a better Heller kit in the stash

Albatros - have Eduard kit in the stash

Hawker Demon - have AZ and AModel kits in the stash

Mig-3 - already built the Hobbyboss kit

Hudson - MPM/Revell available. Hmmm....

Vought Corsair - it is surprisingly good, if basic, but Tamiya available

Buccaneer - New Airfix in the stash

109E - New Airfix and ICM in the stash

He70 - ICM available

M3 Grant - there must be a better one out there?


Spitfire - I have a New Airfix one, but I actually prefer the old one

Whitley - New Airfix in the stash


So NO, I'm not cured at all! Still, it's fun 😜


Thanks for the community and companionship over the past year. I appreciate this forum and its inhabitants "now more than ever", to use the phrase of the year. Have a great Christmas break!




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What an esoteric collection,Adrian, and built accompanied by relaxed and light hearted commentary.


Looking forward to following further the Fairey LRM and the Short Empire - have to admit I was wondering what had happened to these.


Wishing you the compliments of the season and lots of building.


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A beautiful collection Adrian.

I particularly enjoyed watching the Hudson come together but my favourite was the old tool Airfix Bf 109, which has great memories from my earliest modelling days. 


I look forward to seeing more classic kits being built in 2021.


Cheers Greg 👍

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Some beautiful work in there Adrian. My particular favourites are the Albatross and the BE2C - superb!


All the best for the season,



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On 20/12/2020 at 16:02, bigbadbadge said:

I remember that around the start of lockdown

It's been that sort of year! I had to think hard about when this year actually started.


On 20/12/2020 at 22:15, AliGauld said:

that Buccaneer

As usual, I have approached FROG kits this year (Bucc, Corsair, Whitley, Mig-3 (Red Star, last gasp of FROG)) with a feeling that they were going to be crude and awful, and then been pleasantly surprised at how good they actually were. Not to say they don't need a bit of TLC along the way, but basically sound. I think the FROG Buccaneer was a nicer kit than the old Airfix or Matchbox ones.


On 21/12/2020 at 01:06, stevehnz said:

All the best for The Festive Lockdown Season & the New Year.

The Christmas U-turns and general bungling are proving a bit trying. But I've got my immediate family in the house so it could be worse. Congratulations on living in sensible NZ!


On 21/12/2020 at 04:26, roginoz said:

What an esoteric collection

I certainly didn't predict a prolonged excursion into the world of Russian civil helicopters. I must admit I do choose my subjects somewhat randomly...


On 21/12/2020 at 07:32, GREG DESTEC said:

watching the Hudson come together but my favourite was the old tool Airfix Bf 109,

There was a bit of unmodified Airfix Hudson left at the end! Aside from the canopy issue the old 109 was rather good and great fun.


On 21/12/2020 at 09:02, Dunny said:

Albatross and the BE2C

There's something about Albatrosses (sp?) with the wooden streamlined fuselages that appeals to me. I have a Pegasus I/II and a KP CIII lurking in the stash somewhere waiting for some fake plywood.

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I thought I would try rating  your output this year in a First ,Second ,Third type list. I gave up after half a dozen trawls through the post as I couldn't pick three in any order, they all look equally good to me!


I'm surprised Airfix haven't released a new Hudson yet though. I think we have you to thank for the Beaufort?



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Well I don`t know how I missed most of those mate,..... what a superb year. The Airfix Hudson has to be my fvourite,...... WOW,.... you have certainly dragged that old kit into the 21st Century,.... i`ll be looking up your build because I can see that a lot of extra work went into that.



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On 21/12/2020 at 15:12, TonyW said:

I'm surprised Airfix haven't released a new Hudson yet though.

Well I’m trying Tony! Somewhat annoyingly, it turns out that I had a suitable Boulton Paul turret in a Falcon set for a Halifax - came across it when I was digging out the canopies for the Whitley.

On 25/12/2020 at 11:52, PlaStix said:

slow start

Thanks Stix! Not travelling really gave me a lot more modelling time, so it’s been a bit of a silver lining.

On 27/12/2020 at 12:11, tonyot said:

Airfix Hudson

Thanks Tony! Modelling has certainly kept me sane this year. The Hudson is a long thread so I can summarise it for you - the tail fins and wheels are straight out of the box, and everything else was modified or replaced!




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Very nice set, but you've forgot to mention the vacu fuselage of Empire developed and produced by you  in short series! :)




Edited by JWM
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That is a fantastic tally for the year Adrian, all finished to your usual high standard. There are too many great looking builds for me to pick a favourite, but the bi-planes are up near the top and the CDL on the B2 looks superb.

It looks as though you have several great looking projects in the pipeline too, I look forward to seeing those that reach the top of the list come to fruition in 2021.



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