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British Midland DC-9-15, 26 Models 1/144.

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British Midland DC-9-15,

26 Models 1/144.




British Midland were the only UK operator of the DC-9, using both the short -15 and the longer -30 versions. This kit from 26 Models contains the plastic from the Fly Models DC-9, with 2 fuselages for the -15 and -30 for you to choose from. Also included is a set of 26 Decals own silk screen printed sheet, for the -15 and -30 in British Midland colours.

I know there are some minor issues with the engine pylons being slightly too far back, and not wide enough. Well. I know now! But not when I started the build, so they are not corrected. I'm happy with it though, it is a lovely livery from what to me was the classic age of airliners. I thoroughly enjoyed this build, I chose G-BMAA 'Dovedale' because it is such a lovely part of the country.














I can never resist a photo 'with something else', so here is my growing British Midland fleet:



Thanks for looking



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Beautiful DC-9,someone on another forum worked at JFK in the 70's/80's and said there's nothing like the noise you get from reverse thrust from those engines if you had an impatient captain...

I hope you don't mind Viking..


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Beautiful!  Simply gorgeous!  The DC-9 in BM colors, both new and old, is really special, and you did a tremendous job rendering this bird.  I tried to build one in the newer colors in 1/72 scale using the Aurora kit, but this project met a tragic end.  


In the rear part of the cabin, the DC-9 was loud, loud, loud--especially at takeoff.  I do remember watching DC-9s back out of the gate on their own (without a tug), and always thought the practice a little dangerous for the ground personnel. The rear-most seats had no windows at all, and one could hear the steady harmonics of the JT8Ds throughout the flight.  The USAIR DC-9-32s I flew on in the 90's were all 30 years old--at least--and relatively comfortable, if quite ancient.

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1 hour ago, Ologist said:

Utterly gorgeous modelling and livery



Have to agree!

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Hi John,

Damn! That's another on my list you've beaten me to!

I love it! That BMA livery was just so classy and looked particularly good on the Viscount and DC9s.

I like the Fly kit I think they got the nose spot on but it's a pity about the thick wings. Did you manage to thin yours out, I've thought about using Airfix wings instead. As for the engine pylon issue it isn't particularly obvious IMO.

Great 'with something else' pic, are there going to be any more in your BMA fleet?



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Lovely job and a classic british livery from the past, great stuff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cheers Michael.

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Lovely job and that Viscount! BMA's best scheme and period. If you say the engine position has issues I will take your word for it.

Great job and thank you for sharing with us.



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