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Commercial aircraft are not my usual fayre, but a change is as good as a rest (and the horrors of Eastern Express's original Boing 737 have faded from memory). There must be literally thousands of S and M's Viscount 800 in circulation, and whilst crude in places, they are easily improved and offer a nice canvas for the multitude of aftermarket decals available.

This one is adorned with Classic-Airlines offering, a personal nice reminder of 1970s departures from East Midlands Airport for holidays in the Channel Islands and slightly more exotic locations.

Nose reshaped with Milliput, over a cruciform plastic card former, which proved far easier to accomplish than I had predicted. Cockpit 'bulge' rounded a little - almost certainly not enough, and wing trailing edges thinned considerably. Other than that, a very straightforward build, everything fitted rather well, though I do worry about the wing to fuselage joints, but there's little that can be done to hide them. The main undercarriage doors are primitive, and were replaced with plastic card version, with their shape being corrected at the same time. The decals were very well behaved, and put up little resistance. However they are very translucent, which meant the division between the natural metal and white had to be accurately defined at the lower edge of the cheat line. They aren't quite right, I think they are slightly too deep, and the lower part of the rear entrance doors isn't quite correct. 

Still, quite pleased with the overall effect.













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Really nice! I had my first ever flight in a British Midland Viscount at the tender age of 11, a school trip to Guernsey. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Viscount and you’ve done it justice. Dare I consider such a feat?

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17 minutes ago, Alex1978 said:

Very nice Viscount and classy choice of livery


Well said and very true!

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My favourite aircraft of all time that is a beautiful model you've captured her very well & improved the shape nicely.


 I'm with Eric I've many happy memories of lurking airside at hangar one in Dub watching planes like this pass by on the way to the then rwy 24.



thanks for sharing





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Thanks everyone for their kind comments


I would reiterate the S&M Viscount has an unjustified reputation as being difficult or inaccurate. The engineering is sound, and everything fits together pretty well. As regards accuracy, the one tweak that makes all the difference to the overall appearance is to flatten and the angle of the top top front of the cockpit. Two minutes with a sanding stick to introduce a bit more curvaceousness is time very well spent. Reshaping the nose and adding an extra 1mm to the nosewheel leg are secondary.


Of course, a desirable extra would be for one of the sound and lighting effects people to come up with a reproduction of four Rolls-Royce Darts starting up. Now that would bring back some memories.



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