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Roden 1/72 Bristol Fighter

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I just finished this today.  I admit I was intimidated by the way the lower wing attaches to the fuselage but I managed to get it together- twice, since I knocked it off due to clumsiness shortly after getting it together the first time.  I used a set of old Airfix decals and rigged it with >005" Nitinol wire.







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To get this aircraft done in this tiny scale: Congretulation. Your nerves and patience still ok?

Everybody in your surrounding surveid unharmed?

Happy modelling

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Well done, Dan -


Superb work on your Brisfit, especially in this scale - I've often wondered about this actual kit from Roden myself - I'm really tempted now seeing yours.





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That is beautiful!  You really have nerves of steel to handle this kit in such small scale.  I'd love to see a Bristol Fighter and a Bristol 170 Freighter posed together!  A study in contrasts...  Alex

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