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Aircraft Perfect Metal – Set 2 (CS 48)


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Aircraft Perfect Metal – Set 2 (CS 48)

Lifecolor via The Airbrush Company




We’re always on the look-out for new or better ways to recreate the shine and patina of natural metal, so my modelling ears always prick up when I hear of a new one.  Lifecolor of Italy have been producing some good acrylic colours for years, and this new set contains a half dozen shades of metal colours, handily grouped together in a cardboard box to add to your collection.  Each one comes in a 22ml plastic bottle with a black cap and sticky label to identify the contents.  Inside the box are the following shades:




(UA792) Polished Aluminium (UA793) White Aluminium (UA794) Dark Aluminium (UA795) Steel (UA796) Exhaust Jet (UA797) Burnt Iron


As they’re a metallic, I thought it would be a good idea to spray some out onto the back of some spoons (can’t imagine where I got that idea!), as some metallics are better than others.  I found that spraying the paint as a first mist coat was the best way to get a good finish, and finish off with successive light coats building up the colour.  They’re absolutely FULL of pigment which is why they separate out quite readily when not in use, hence the note on the front of the box that says “BLACK BASE NOT REQUIRED”, so I took them at their word.  There’s nothing harder to cover than a white base with metallics, so having recently bought 100 white plastic spoons, I was quite pleased.  You can see the shades below, and on my screen they’re pretty much as they are in the real world, but I’d bet that a black or at least dark base would give a slightly different tone to them, so have a play around if you pick up a set.




I wouldn’t say they’re the absolute easiest paints to use, and correct thinning is key as is the case with the rest of the range, so take your time and experiment with mixing, adjusting it as you progress until you have a mix you’re happy with.  I’m very pleased with the finish overall, and of course I had a few mis-steps on the way, but that’s part of the learning process.  They’re acrylic, so a lot less harmful for you and the environment than some of the lacquer metallics, and they don’t smell bad, however I still wouldn’t want to drink them, and would recommend you carry on wearing a proper respirator, especially if you’re spraying in a confined area.  Tiny particles of any kind aren’t good for your lungs.


Highly recommended.





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