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1:8 Gold Emperor Dalek - Comet Miniatures

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My second Dalek build, this time I went for the Gold Emperor Dalek colour scheme.


The gold paint is Alclad and I had a huge problem with it as I ran out of paint before I could paint the skirt, so ordered some new Alclad bottles which were terrible! There was hardly any pigment in them! I wasted an entire bottle painting the skirt and it looked awful so had to strip it back and ordered new paint from another retailer which this time had at least 5 times the amount of pigment in them from inspecting the bottles after it had all settled to the bottom. This new paint worked fine,

This Dalek is a left-plunger, a persecuted minority but this one was even more determined, ruthless and evil than the others so was able to fight his way to the top and become Emperor!













Instructing his minion into the best tactics for effecting EXTERMINATION!!!















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The Hitch Hiker's Guide has this to say about the Daleks. 

Stay away.

Really, stay away.

No, honestly, just stay away. They're horrible.


Nice builds there though. And I'd never even thought there would be left plungers...

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