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German Flat Wagon Ssyl (35904) 1:35 Thunder Model via Pocketbond


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German Flat Wagon Ssyl (35904)

1:35 Thunder Model via Pocketbond




Since there have been railways the military have been utilising them to move men and equipment. The Germans in particular pressed into service what ever they could, and in this case the Ssyl 50t flat wagon is a Russian one. The Germans went as far as getting these upgraded back in Koln with German bogies being added. Sometime much more including couplings, buffers and the brake system were changed as well. 


The Kit

A new tool from Thunder Models that will look good as part of a rail diorama or with a tank/AFV sat on it. The kit arrives on 9 sprues of plastic, 2 PE frets, decals and some wire. Construction starts with the two bogies for each end of the flat car, each bogie has two axles. These make up from both PE and plastic parts. They are actually quite complex to construct and looking at the instructions it would be best to follow them exactly. Once the two bogies are built then its onto the main frame of the flat bed. Like the real thing this is built up from a series of chassis rails and cross members. There is at each end an end plate which holds the buffers. Under the chassis goes an air tank and parts for the braking system. Four large parts with a simulated wood grain go on top, and then the bogies can be fixed underneath. 









The base colour is grey, and there are some makings in white for chassis. 






A first glance this would seem an easy kit, however it is quite involved. Will look god with a Tank or ARV chained down on top. Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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