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The forgotten soldier (Panzer Art 1/35)

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Hi y'all!


As I was reading the awesome autobiography by Guy SAJER of his experience on the eastern front during WWII, I wanted to paint a german miniature. I have plenty in store (who hasn't? ) and I took my linkings to this Panzer Art miniature. However, I did change the head for a more juvenile looking one, and for this Alpine Miniatures heads are perfect. I also changed the original ammo box (way too thin) for a photoetched one. I also added a white camo painted helmet to further give the impression that winter, if not there, was close past or coming.

Painted with acrylics only.

Hope you'll like it
















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A beautiful piece of work, the painting is excellent, a very well presented model  .

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On 15/12/2020 at 00:08, flyingpiggy said:

Fantastic i have just veered away from aircraft to figures and work like yours is very inspiring 


Welcome to the ultra-absorbing world of "little men" as my wife likes to call them.

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This is a nice piece of work.

Good to see an original portrayal of  German infantryman.

It's an interesting book, too.

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