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1/72 Airfix Lynx HAS.3 (possibly S)

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Westland Lynx HAS.3

HMS Osprey, RNAS Portland

702 NAS





This is a slightly different style of RFI that i haven't done before, but i will try ans keep them like this. This was a very nice project, enjoyed it very much. Not accurate at all but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I custom made the interior, adding some extra detail such as soundproofing (first time using milliput to do that, i would usually used foil) and adding various bits to the back of the seats. I had to convert the bas kit (HAS.2) into a HAS.3 with ESM. Luckily i had a spare nose ESM but needed to make my own sponson and Aft Fuselage sensors. I also had to scratch build a couplle antennas on the tail.  I had to paint on the walk boards and flotation bag cover as i had no spare decals, and I am definitely gonna try that again (although the boards are way too light) In the pictures there might be a black line down the side, that is where i needed to screen shot my Instagram as i forgot about BM and deleted the pictures of my phone... not the best decision. 


Over all i think this has came out quite well, and is probably my last build of this year.


Here is the WIP


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