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Airborne Lifeboat

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Purchasers of the DK Decals sheets on the RAAF Hudsons or RNZAF Hudsons will have noticed that they have a little note under the lifeboat carrier examples suggesting you contact Red Roo for a lifeboat.


Well, we have finally made it.


It contains the lifeboat as a vacform and a few supplementary decals. We thought the RAAF version had RAAF Sky Blue codes when we supplied the info to DK Decals but examination of further pictures makes us think the 214 code is yellow. We don't know what colour the lifeboat was - maybe grey, maybe yellow or maybe some other colour.

There are no extra decals needed for the RNZAF version


and we have added some codes and serials to make the RAF trials example.

Dick Hourigan used the Special Hobby kit to make A16-214, the RAAF example used for trials



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