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Looking for reasonably priced F1 kits - do they exist.


Christmas present for an F1 nut who is not a modeller - I don’t want to spend much, no more than £30.


I may be asking for the impossible.  I started looking at Tamiya, expecting there to be loads, but surprised to find very few and those that I did find are from the 60s and 70s racing years.  The only one that fits my price range is the odd six wheeled Tyrell, which I think is too unusual and pretty ugly around the cockpit.


Are there any other makes to consider or am I asking for the impossible.


Metal, simply screw together, like Burago used to do would also be of interest.









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Hi Nigel,

It all depends upon what you want.
If you are buying new, there are only a very few Tamiya F1 cars at that price level and, as you noted, they are nearly all older cars.


You might consider Aoshima, Fujimi, BeeMax. They all make a number of F1 cars. Ebbro do as well, but they are expensive, though excellent.

Hasegawa make a number of 1/24th cars and Revell sell re-boxed versions of these.


If you are looking for modern F1 cars, then they are very nearly all in the 50 - 60 quid mark...





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If he/she is an F1 nut, is there a team they follow? Revell do some recent-ish F1 cars in 1/24 instead of the more standard (for F1 cars) 1/20 which are often cheaper. Airfix also did Lewis Hamilton’s Mclaren Mercedes (not sure which year) in 1/32 in a prepainted snap and screw kit, which can be had for £25 from Kingkit https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/airfix-cars-motorbikes-trucks-1-32-50008-vodafone-mclaren-mercedes



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