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No Idea Where I'm Going To Put All These.

Alex Gordon

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G'day Chums,like a lot of us I've had a lot of spare time this year.I started with a newbuild,the Hobbyboss 1/72 Hellcat Easykit,RFI here.




Then there were a few off the Shelf Of Doom,ICM's Bf 109 F-2 RFI here.



Tamiya's 1/35th Churchill,RFI here.



Another Hobbyboss Easykit,the P 39 which had been hanging around for a while due to me not putting any noseweight in,RFI here.



When it became clear that spare time was going to be plentiful I thought I'd have a crack at the Spitfire STGB with Airfix's 1/48th new tool offering,build thread here.



While I was at it I dragged this one out of the started but not much done stack,build thread here.



Not a part of the Group Build but a nearly finished from a while ago was this Airfix XIV kitbash,RFI here.



Yet another Hobbyboss,you're probably starting to realise that I like these kits,their Me 262 this time,RFI here.



Suddenly the Group Build bug was starting to bite,an ICM Spitfire FR IX which is a simple conversion with a striking paint job,build thread here.



The Airfix 1/48th Gnat is a lovely boxful,this one nearly didn't make it,RFI here.



Yet another Hobbyboss job,their Bf 109 G-2 this time,RFI here.



I fancied something a little different.I haven't built a lot of Matchbox over the years,their 1/76th Jagdpanther has made me think that I've missed out on some splendid goodies.RFI here.



Don't let anybody tell you that I don't like a challenge,the Roden 1/48th Gladiator in the MTO GB,build thread here.



Yet another Spitfire,part of my ongoing one of each mark project,off the Shelf Of Doom,RFI here.



I haven't done much figure work up to now,the Airfix 54mm kits are well thought of by anyone who's finished one and this one was no exception,RFI here.



That's probably it for this year,I've yet another Spitfire on the go in the Interceptors GB but I'm not going to rush it.Thanks to all who have looked in and encouraged,hopefully next year will be as productive and rewarding as this year was.


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