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Israel F-16I "SUFA" (Storm) with IDF Weapons (K48085) 1:48 Kinetic Model via Lucky Model


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Israel F-16I "SUFA" (Storm) with IDF Weapons (K48085)

1:48 Kinetic Model via Lucky Model




I would pretty much assume that almost all modellers reading this review are familiar with the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It is probably the most used combat aircraft in the world at this time. The F-16 was developed by General Dynamics for the USAF. This was as a result of proposals for an Advanced Day Fighter Concept. Following on from an Air Force study group the idea of a Lightweight Fighter was developed. Certain elements of the Air Force remained hostile to this as it was perceived as a threat to the then F-15 programme. In 1972 General Dynamics was awarded a contract to produce the YF-16. The aircraft introduced numerous innovations in fighter design, including a frameless bubble canopy affording the pilot greater visibility. Air-to-air missiles were mounted on wing tip pylons to free up underwing stations and the central control column was replaced by a side stick controller. The pilots seat was reclined by 30° to reduce G forces. In technological terms the aircraft was one of the first to use fly-by-wire and relaxed stability were by the computers actually flew the aircraft instead of conventional inputs. Like many aircraft the F-16 has developed over the years, probably to point where the original designers would marvel at the difference between the YF-16 and the latest 2 Seat aircraft with external Avionics spines & conformal fuel tanks. It has certainly gone from a Lightweight fighter to a more overweight example, no doubt like a lot of us over the years! It is estimated over 4500 F-16 aircraft have now been produced. The IDF ordered what were modified F-16D's with conformal fuel tanks. This freed up pylon space for additional weapons just about doubling the aircrafts weapons load. Another feature of the aircraft is the large dorsal spine which houses additional avionics systems, chaff and flare dispensers and the aircraft’s in-flight refuelling receptacle.


The Kit

This is a re-issue of Kinetic's F-16 kit which dates back to 2008 and has seen multiple re-issues since. This edition comes with decals, parts and weapons for the IDF F-16I Sufa. Or looking in the box it could be described as an IDF weapons set with a free F-16 thrown in!







Construction begins with the cockpit. The centre and rear bulkheads are added to the tub followed by the side instrument panels, the main panel and the side stick controller. We then move to the central air intake duct, the bottom of which also forms the top of the main gear bay. The front and rear bulkheads of the bay are added followed by a fan front part at the rear, it can then it can fitted into the lower fuselage section. We then move to the upper fuselage section. The front part is split to allow single and two seat models to be made from the same tool. The 2 seater front part is added to the rest of the top and the gun muzzle added. IFF antennas are added in front of the cockpit. The completed cockpit from earlier can then be added in. The rear air brakes are moulded closed, however they can be cut off and positioned open if wanted. The fuselage sections can now be joined up.






The main single air intake can now be built up. The bottom of this forms the nose wheel bay. The intake is then surrounded by its outer skin and this can the added to the fuselage. The instructions have the modeller add the nose gear at this point, though I suspect most will do this later. The main gear is also built up and added at this time. 




Moving to the read of the aircraft the exhaust nozzle is built up and added along with the tail planes. The vertical fin is built up from the fin, its base, and the rudder, along with a separate rear housing. Care is needed here as the static wicks are built in.  The fin can then be added. Back to cockpit the seats are built up and added. For the canopy Kinetic have moulded the frame and canopy separate to these will need to be carefully joined. The nose cone and pitot probe finish things off.








Weapons & Stores

Kinetic gives us basically 4 sprues main which deal mainly with weapons and under wing stores. We get A centre line tank, two wing tanks, AIM-120s, AIM-9Ms, AGM-65s, GBU-38s, GBU-31;, GBU-12's, GBU-24s; as well as an AN/AAQ-14 & AN/AAQ-13.












Additional spures give us the IDF specific munitions. Here we get Delilah missiles, AN/AXQ-14 pod, RAFAEL Spice missiles, GBU-15s, AGM-142's, and Python 4 missiles. 



There are four decal sheets with the kit. One for the aircraft and three for all the weapons! The main 2 are by Cartograf, the smaller two dont carry any branding. Markings are included for 2 aircraft;


  1. 408 - No,422 The Negev Sqn
  2. 425 - No.451 The Bat Sqn









This is still a good F-16 and its great to see the Sufa available with a full range of weapons. Recommended. 






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