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After few years on shelf of procrastination Airwolf is finished. Aoshima set is great but few construction solutions are odd. Painted as usual, with Mr.Hobby range. Top color is Tire Black misted then with Dark Blue. 

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That's a great build. I have this model too, still in my To Do pile. The one thing that has always bothered me about it is the ridge behind the cockpit doors leading to those wider fuselage sections (the bit with what looks like a blacked out square window on it) looks like a much bigger step than it is on the actual helicopter, where it looks like a smooth transition from anything other than close up. i.e. on the model it looks like the two surfaces meet with a right angle, but on TV it looks like an acute angle. Doesn't look like there's enough room to sand it down so it forms that smoother step without also using some filler over part of the doors, but wondering if it's really just the pictures that makes it stand out so much?


How does that bit look face to face?

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