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1/72 Handley Page Victor K2 Matchbox/Airfix kit build.....

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I've noticed that there are no details in the cockpit on the ceiling and no detail kit parts so I'm trying to make it "resemble" the cockpit:




So the details I've done by hand don't look amazing..... 




But once the rest of the cockpit is in I'm really pleased with the look. 



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42 minutes ago, AlexB said:

Once you've closed it all up, the suggestion of those parts will be enough to make it very convincing. It'll look great!


I'm hoping. Once it's all together you'll only be able to see it through the cockpit door anyway! 🤣🤣

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Done a few details today.... 

Realised the cockpit firebottle was missing, so made one out of a toothpick. 






Instructions say I need to add 25g under the cockpit, I've seen others say they've added 32g, so I superglue an assortment of steel washers underneath. A, achieved 30g added, B, stays well within the required areas,... 






... and C, makes a perfect stand for the cockpit! 🤣 🤣 




And believe I've done enough to start final assembly of the cockpit. 












Pilot seats are now in progress..... 

Night all. 😉

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That cockpit detail looks amazing!


The fire extinguishers are made of copper (obviously not toothpicks 🤣) - When I was at Marham we got hold of the life expired ones and cut the tops and bottoms off, soldered them back together again (neck to base) to make goblets and polished and planished them.

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Thanks for your glowing comments,  I need to get back into this.

Times have changed here, unfortunately been made redundant, so i'm filling my days job hunting and online course-ing. Nothing further has been done as yet, but after a couple more interviews I'll be in a better state of mind to crack on! 😉

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