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Meng 9A52-2 SMERCH


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Hello folks

May I present my latest (and longest ,5 months to complete)

Meng 9A52-2 Russian long range rocket launcher.


The kit was kindly donated to me my my little friend Neil (you know who you are) to get me through the after effects and recovery from my health scare and surgery .


The kit is the most complicated I have built. Around 1500 parts most of which are used.

There are loads of sub assembles and sadly a lot of detail is hidden(but I know its there)










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Wow photos on the PC look much better than my phone can't wait to see it up close looks fantastic mate will look great on the display table when we get the chance to travel to shows again  👍


Stay Safe


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Nice model. Congratulations. But. the First two axes on the real MAZ-543M, can only turn together! That is, the first two wheels must be turned synchronously either to the left or to the right. Unfortunately the model does not implement the connection between the first two axes

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