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Royal Danish Air Force F-104G Stenciling


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Hi There

Wonder if someone could please help i am building a 1/72 RDAF F-104G in the overall green scheme, using the Stopell Hobby decals but they don't say on the placement sheet where the stencilling goes would anyone

please help. 

Many Thanks 


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I would suggest checking the instructions for the Eduard "NATO Fighter" issue of the Hasegawa 1/48 kit. This includes a very good stencil placement guide for all "generic" stencils. Now broadly speaking the stencils on the F-104 can be divided in two groups: some are specific to each country, the others are pretty much the same for all users and stay in English (exceptions are the Japanese aircraft and in part the German ones). Now larger stencils like the rescue panels are always specific to each country but since they are very visible you can find their location using pictures from the web. For all the others, use the Eduard instructions. Some of the country specific stencils also tend to be in the same places on all aircraft as they point at specific airframe locations, the style and languages may vary but in the end their position is mostly the same.

Of course I would not suggest looking for thos instructions if they weren't easily available and here they are (click on the first instructions link):




Now I also have memories of a stencil placement guide specific for the Danish F-104s, probably from the magazine Dan Mil or similar. I was pretty sure I had it but I can't seem to find it...

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Hi Craig,


In addition to Giorgio's suggestion, Armycast does a 1/72 sheet of stencils for various Starfighter operators, including Danish jets. The instructions (link goes to the scan on Scalemates) seem pretty comprehensive, so hopefully you can make out where the markings you have should be placed.


Hope this helps.

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