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WWII French Tank Crew (35647) 1:35

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WWII French Tank Crew (35647)

1:35 ICM via Hannants




We reviewed the new FCM 36 from ICM recently here, and in the same shipment there was also this figure set that will work perfectly with this kit, and could also be pressed into use on many other French WWII tanks with little or no modification.  Truthfully, calling it a tank crew kit does it an injustice, as it also includes two children that are being shown around the vehicle by the crew, which you can use to create a scene, or put the little ones to one side for another day if you have a different atmosphere in mind.  The box is a top-opening affair with a captive inner lid, and inside is one sprue and a single sheet instruction and painting guide, similar to those found on the back of a standard figure box.




There are three tankers and two boys, two tankers are stood, presumably showing the kids around, one pointing out some part of the vehicle to the lad clutching his beret in both hands.  The final figure is sat half inside the turret on the hatch, with a WWII style French tank helmet with bumper at around brow level. The other two crew are both wearing berets with badges on the front and all three are dressed differently, including pull-over, tunic and overcoat, as well as a heat-resistant gauntlet for the seated figure.  The chap with the tunic has a separate rear to the back of his tunic, to give the correct overhang (underhang?) as he bends slightly forward to bring himself down to the level of the boy he’s talking to.  The boys are both dressed as you would expect two young lads in WWII France to be, with shorts, socks & shoes, but with different tops as would be expected.




As usual with ICM figures their sculpting is exceptional with crisp detail, realistic cloth drape and sensible parts breakdown plus loads of extra detail moulded into each part as appropriate.




The perfect accompaniment to any French tank from interwar, or early WWII to give the model some human scale.


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of



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