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"Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale


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Four weeks, plenty of time there Bill!

Used to make the trip from city centre to Edgbaston regularly in my youth, for the cricket, but always on a rather dull WMPTE bus.  (The No 1??)  Would have preferred what you are modelling, even though slower and draftier.  Progress?



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Glorious Bill.  Glorious.


Your photography is way better these days n’all.


On 10/6/2022 at 4:10 PM, Brandy said:

Not competing for cycle riding around windy islands though, you're on your own there mate! I'll be in the bar (no not that one, the one with beer!)


See you next month (if you're back from hols of course!)


Best sort of bar.  See you in a Telford adjacent one next month…


On 10/7/2022 at 3:13 PM, perdu said:

I wonder if he will/might be back before Telford, this may be strenuous displacement therapy.


Wot, more Hawk avoidance behaviour? As if :whistle: 

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12 minutes ago, Fritag said:

Glorious Bill.  Glorious.


Your photography is way better these days n’all.

I couldn't agree more with my esteemed colleague here, Bill :worthy:  :worthy:



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On 10/8/2022 at 11:08 AM, perdu said:

Ced's in, he's at the same hotel as me.


Not sure about Tomo yet.

Seems I can book a table when I book in and guests from outside are welcomed.


On 10/8/2022 at 10:27 AM, Brandy said:

Good question! It looks as though at least you me and Terry are in, is Tomo going? Maybe Steve (Fritag) too, I have no idea who else is going. Perhaps a shout out to get an idea


so @Fritag and @CedB ......... all sounds like a plan for the Sat evening meal. And for beers, there must be a decent pub somewhere between Holiday Inn (adjacent TIC) and Ramada, so our collective experiences in such matters will likely sort that! @Courageous I think you are in same hotel as me, so tag along if you fancy?


There you go Bill, hijacked the Bus thread as suggested!



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Tacking up begins.




Dapple's swingletree (sp) up for a paint job.




Sits behind the rump and provides forward motion for the buzz


Some pictures show this pulled by chains others by strapping like the tack the pair behind him use.




four weeks and the odd day...




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Don't tell me chains are easy, they require a whole new way of looking at and handling problems.




I couldn't use this stuff very often.



Must admit it is very effective though.


The horse for the front of the tricorn has chain traces and the other two will have leather ones.




They will link to the front cross beam beneath the driver as in this picture of the Putney omnibus.



This lovely shot shows a few more things I need to add, including the oilcloth covers hanging over the seat backs of the empty seats upstairs.


They are used to keep the seats dry if not in use, it seems passengers were able to cover their legs with them when it rained.


There will be two pegs on each seat back on which the covers would be attached.


The two seated passengers alongside the driver seem to have been a mostly London addition to the arrangement, my Brum Buzz isn't getting that set up.


Between the road wheels hangs the wheel-slider-braking-device, my next foray into chain reactions.



Just under four weeks... doh

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1 hour ago, Martian said:

finished it will be a show stopper!

Indeed! :worthy: I'm regretting already I won't be able to attend Telford and see this beauty in the flesh



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Fun isn't it?


Especially fag ads.


I recall reading that an American (they say) head of public health services recommended smoking some particular ciggies rather than others.


The Players ads up the centre rail of the staircase, authentic.


And not easy to get a balance.


Praise be, 560 cockpit glue.


The ad for Woodbines is going in the gap under the stairs on the offside of the bus where the upright frame rail is now.

More work needed for the fixings there.


The braky-stoppy-slidy-wedge thing now has its chains.


Which will have its paint renewed once it is all home and dry, we don't want soft looking copper chains there do we?

The big wedge thing sits inside and under the wheel when they need to slow it down on steep slopes, lucky us have a few of those.




What do you think, OK?




 Announcing plan A:


Plan A entails you lot not seeing the bus again.





Until, that is, it is firmly affixed to Broad Street, in a day or so.


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