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"Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale


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The seats, I don't like them so I am remaking them.


They are different and this has to change.


There is no time to learn CAD and get started 3D printing so it's the old fashioned way for me again.




The Bus is almost complete, just the driving bits and horse harnesses to organise next now the step and handrail are on for the driver.



Six weeks and four days...

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Ho ho


Anyway on with it I shall go




New seat, the first.


Part finished.


On the pencil sharpener jig.




Beginning trimming.


The second seat is finished now, ready for trimming.




I am hoping a more focussed, hence slower, approach will give more accurate assembly.



Two more right seats and three more left side seats to go.


Takes a lot more time this time and wow is the stench of Tamiya Extra Thin getting on my sinuses...


six weeks three days...

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Et voila!


Sorry I was not able to comment sooner Bill. I have been in the US for a week and flew back today (yesterday?).

12 hour flight from NY to Dubai, plus an 8 hour time difference has left me half asleep for most of today (UAE time) or most of last night (US time)!


Lovely clear, sharp, pics of lovely clear, sharp, seats! Most impressed I am too, especially with the "jig"!


I am currently trying to recover normal time frame awareness with a beer or two.

If I fail, Alan has power of attorney.




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I'm glad you were able to go Ian, phew.


Listen chum, if the beer defeats you due to unaccustomed air-travelitis I will manfully step in and take over for you.


All part of the insurmountable BM support network, obvs.


The jig was a result of buying several lumps of ally, usually with previous tasking of course.


As it happens I have two apparently identical pencil sharpeners which actually aren't, one, this one is slightly narrower across the gripping the device to trim pencils sides.


Which makes it ideal to become the jig upon which building closer to identical seats evolved, handy huh?


Marked out with one of the pencils it had sharpened using an engineer's square for 'close enough for Government/BM work' I marked front edge and rear* edge to set out the builds.



*The rear was where passenger's rears rested, funnily enough.




Slats were Tam Greened to the side frames which were taped in the position called out by the jig surface so they won't fall off.





The seat legs will be attached to the floor of the roof (Does that sound right? hmm...) by the blocks at the outer edge of the frame which are too wide at the mo' but with room to be trimmed down for a secure and regular seating position.


I made enough frames for seven and a spare before assembly began.


Oops I crapp.. messed up and fitted locking blocks to the outside of four right seats not four left seats.


This was a mistake, doh!


Any way here are three completed seats for the upper deck.



Number four under weigh in the jig.


Oh by the way before anyone commits mental suicide by 'jiggin' in...'  Don't OK


Six done now




Three left and three right, but as mentioned.




These two frames had to be mirror reversed and reglued.


I'll finish that tomorrow, getting glued to my sinuses even through my covid mask which is a heavy duty one the hospital was giving away when I popped in for a few days last year.


An explanation for the irregular 'spare' looking legs which don't have the fixing block addition.


The fixing block is on the aisle side of the bench but the other side needs trimming so that the seat 'sits' horizontal with the bus and will not throw fare paying passengers off when they horses drag the bus round the next corner.


On the model this means I need to make the outside legs about an eighth of an inch because the bus roof is radiused to the outside edges and the outer legs should have just a tad more length to level them up.


Fun for another day huh.


six weeks two days...

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I am limited by my inability to 'get' 3D modelling so the Mk 1 model set is all I have Terry, certainly not worth buying an Elegoo bearing in mind how slow my 3D take up is. :) 


Not that I mind, I have known for many months that the original attempts at seats was totally inadequate, but just kept putting it off.



But here we are seven oven-ready seats awaiting Vallejo 71.036 Mahogany after trimming is complete.




And in the interests of improving access for the driver the climbing handle on the footplate.




I am not happy with the windows.


Have we heard this before in this mash up of a build?


Oh well, at least everything I can see on photos is onboard now, soon be time to drill the base for pinning to begin.

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I mentioned a certain lack of 'happy' with the windows


This helps show what I mean because I didn't do enough concentrating on the window here and just put in large glass sheets unaccounted for.P1010067.jpg


I did vaguely understand there were to be ventilation holes up atop it on 'three lights window arrangements' and after searching through my resources found the answer here. 



This Tilling three light bus shows the ventilation atop each window and my frames have been modified to suit the new style.


This should do it for my Brummie Tilling three lighter.






The flap above the 'light' looks moveable but I intend fitting them all in the same position, 'nuff for now.

Pub calls.



six weeks...





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55 minutes ago, Hamden said:


Stunning attention to detail as always Bill, this is turning into a real show stopper

I couldn't agree more!  :worthy: :worthy:  :clap:



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1 hour ago, Brandy said:

Nice save of something I had no idea needed saving!


6 weeks eh? I got my comp entry forms printed today. See you soon!



Betcha life some beggar would know and pass the exhibit "loud voicing" his detailed knowledge to the usual admiring-ish audience. :) 


I'm just trying to work out how to print my wording on the entry forms :( is there an online source I can fill in?

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On 9/27/2022 at 1:12 PM, perdu said:

Is Ian on his holidays?


On 9/27/2022 at 1:53 PM, hendie said:

No, that'd be Steve. 


Oi; that weren't true as at that date.  It might be as of later today….


On 9/30/2022 at 9:28 PM, hendie said:

And a wow for your ventilation McDooberies too.


And another from me too.  Am looking forward to hopefully seeing this.


Sounds like all you competitive types are getting excited 😆 



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2 hours ago, Fritag said:

Sounds like all you competitive types are getting excited 😆

Some of us, re-reading the SMW2021 report again in last year's issue 6 are getting daunted...



'tis only a game innit.



five weeks...



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