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"Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale


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The horses.


On the basis that driving the horses to Five Ways as part of the bus itself I have been racking my brains* for a way to add horse collars to Neddy and chums without breaking them apart.


Live horses have firm but flexible ears which allow the collar to go over the head and settle round the chest end of  the neck to provide the drive power for the rig.


I made rigid, and very useless collars out of 80 thou polycard, even one out of @John Aero's fabulous large strut material.


Not worth the time it took because they didn't even begin to do the job, scrap bin time



What I needed was a way to make the collars out of plasticene or the like.


Milliput maybe but all the work trying to paint horses would get harmed by the soggy miracle stuff from Dol.


I need something which will remain pliable enough to fit close to the horse's neck without doing damage, there must be something.


I remember experiments with DAS, utterly fruitless experiments with DAS for anything but architectural stuff, ground works or similar.

Not DAS.


:( gloom and glumness but, ah what about that stuff I hoped would make inlet ducts for the Sea Vixen?


Anyone remember the Sea Vixen?


I spent ages trying to fashion smooth intake ducts with something I had never tried before, or since!


I bought a strip of weird blue and yellow two-part putty which they called green stuff(?) Green Stuff was always Squadron Putty to me but hey a few bob on ebay brought this weird stuff.


First you have to cut a suitable length of both colours, then you damage your wrists (Carpal Tunnel syndrome seems now to be inevitable) rolling both colours together until the colour becomes a uniform green.


Roll it double it roll it again roll it and double it then, oh heck you know what goes into this stuff.


Work and damned hard work but eventually you get a substance which you can work like a stiff plasticene and mould round the necks of the horses.


At least I hoped so but I need help from you guys now.


Does this stuff ever set hard?


Can it be relied on to hold the shapes it gets put into?



And do you realise the two colours never get fully mixed together to make green?



*don't have a clue how to rack a brain unless it's a term used in butchery

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an answer hopefully to two of your  points. if you struggle to mix two part epoxies because they are too stiff, you can pre warm them .  A FEW , and I mean FEW secconds in a microwave will soften the  epoxy   and make the two parts easier to knead together, although this heating  can appreciably shorten the curing time, which can be advantageous. if you are finding Green Stuff is too flexible after it has cured , you can mix it with Milliput. I have found that the properties of each  can be combined when the two epoxy putties are combined.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and you can fine tune what you want from blending them together.

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I was going to say it sounds like Milliput, but after Matti's comment above maybe that's all they are - similar. Milliput should work here too, and yes, it sets hard.



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Some progress this arvo, after discovering I cannot solder for anything.


Hames for the collars were assembled by using clear resin to hold fiddly bits together.






Oh well that will have to do.


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I don’t know how you do it  but don’t stop for heavens sake.  Those breaks are fantastic, proper modelling 101 🙌🙌🙌

 love what you’re doing with the horses too. I did prefer the spots but I’ll trust you because everything you touch seems to become gold. 🏆🏅🥇🔱⚱️🤴



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On 8/25/2022 at 2:09 PM, perdu said:

Oh well that will have to do.


that looks great Bill.


On 8/25/2022 at 4:57 AM, perdu said:

At least I hoped so but I need help from you guys now.


Does this stuff ever set hard?


Can it be relied on to hold the shapes it gets put into?


I've used this but didn't particularly like it.  Personally I would have gone with Milliput, but wrapped the cuddies necks in clingfilm first then removed the clingfilm when everything had set.   Regardless, I think you've done a fantastic job with the collars

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I am into dealing with matters equine still.


The horse collar debate has closed for me at the moment, the green weirdie stuff has hardened enough for me to declare the topic resolved.


And colours of the horses seems to be a closed topic too now, phew.


Here are the candidates for the bus route and a spare for a co-op Bread round, early next year is a likely start date for that.






Many photos show a hierarchy of chosen horse colours but I fear three brown or three white (grey) horses in the unicorn hitching method would be visually unappealing.


Which means we get two of one, and one of another.


Ready in stables are a dapple, a grey, a chestnut and a good brown hoss.


The brown one might have been ex-Historex stock and came into stables without a mane to his name, just a trimmed centre stripe.


Needed rectifying of course but short of getting all mixy and twisty with Miliput I have given the build another experimental dimension.




A strip of clear cellotape along the neck followed up with a few layers of Formula 560 cockpit glue where the hairs are, this let dry and a further application.




And then more with applique hairy mane patterns applied a là Airfix Horse style.





We will see how this looks under paint, fingers appropriately conformed please.


Once dry the sellotape will be eased out from under and the new mane will be given a tad of paint so the horse can join the throngs of horses plying the streets of Dear Old Brum.




This volume and others like it make me wonder how many street photographers were out and about all over the shop.


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On 9/2/2022 at 6:11 PM, perdu said:

wonder how many street photographers were out and about 

Not to mention poop scoopers! Maybe the photography was a second job(by)?


Nice work on the mane though, looks good from here!



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Nice work on those Horses and their collars. The bus will look splendid headed by these fine beasts.


On 8/25/2022 at 9:57 AM, perdu said:

Green Stuff was always Squadron Putty to me


and to me also, and if I may go off on a small tangent, I've had much trouble finding the "old" Green Stuff, but a few weeks ago at a show, I found this...




I bought some and it is green and EXACTLY like the original Squadron stuff, but in a red tube! Nothing to do with two part epoxies of course, but thought you and your readers might be interested.


I'll probably find that everyone other than me knew this already!



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 I do intend getting some of that Terry thanks.


Tangent recognised but we need to get back on the bus.



To get up on the very high platform passengers have to mount a step up which needed a sturdy frame to support it.


I built the main strut up from brass rodding with a flattened underbracket.


The secondary braces ere made from Evergreen plastic rod and Slater's strip.


This was fitted with Clear resin, set by uv light.


A shot of the underframe.






 needs a trim of course



How about that?




Paint tomorrow, 'voir.

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Thanks Giorgio, but I need the stimulus of getting there, not the ride atop the bus but the journey to the stairs.


Problem is, my application to hard work is puny, miserable and absolutely not much available.


I'd love to make four identical seats for one side and three identical but mirrored for the other side and I will get there one day.

Sadly after this build is historical.


Just off now to consider that I have had three monarchs in my lifetime, I wonder if I will make it four?


R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth ll. 


God Save The King.

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  • perdu changed the title to "Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale

Displacement therapy #4365347


Avoiding work in any scale and area of interest..


The basic decision of which horses stand where and how are being considered


Dapple in front or the feisty grey?








Paint the step.

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