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"Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale


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Real progress there Bill.

I'm pretty sure our stage door Johnny is eying up the gent reading the paper!


I did elliptical spokes for my Model T ambulance wheels but had a problem blending them in at the hub. I just couldn't work out how to get the chamfer to carry round the hub and back to the adjoining spoke. Doesn't show in 1:72 but it might in this scale



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One day Ian, who knows?


But ATM I have to carve wheels out of raw materials with raw hands.


Back on the bus, back of the bus actually, I have made a start at the brassworks up the staircase.





There's to be three upright braces one each on top of step two, step four and step six, later when the glue has set.

At the front the driver needs the rest of his safety cage/backrest added.


 Does not show very well, hmm, how to highlight that?




'bout that then?


Random racing driver before wardrobe gets their mitts on 'im shows the upper frame which protects his back from random dumb passengers.




Once the glue has set hard (Formula 560 and superglue for proper fixedness) the upper rail will sit closer to the driver's shoulders but for now this ain'tn'tn't bad.


Blessings on all here...

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Some more of the tube assemblies onboard have been added (fear not viewer, there is more...) including the driver's seat assembly's completion after all these weeks I have also managed to get the odd shape of the upstairs inboard rail.


Yes it was interesting enough



I had a packet from Ukraine yesterday which included as well as a humourous response to an uninvited excursion from their neighbours there was a packet of buckles to 1/35 scale.




Etched in 1/35 scale I reckon there will be a resumption of buckle making for the old Hansom Cab too



I think these are far superior, moves are afoot.


And talking about feet, well you weren't but I was, does this look like enough horsepower for the run up to Bearwood?




The fellow with his head up needs some fettlement, some slight paintwork to finish then I may be on the right road to November with it.

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Oh my giddy aunt but just look at that sweep of staircase now. It looks amazing! 👏


Primo modeller and now a renowned horse stylist Bill. I don't know what to expect next.


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After spending a lot of time dealing with the motive power of the 'bus maybe we'd best spend some time working on how we are going to slow it down coming down New Street.


And that bit coming out of Broad Street onto Easy Row.


Basically there's a gurt long lever on the driver's step which when stomped on pulls a rod up through a hole in the step.


This pulls a steel/iron rod up and rotates a lever attached to the brake rod at the hinge which places the same pressure across a pivot and presses the brake block against the wheel rim, thus acting to brake the vehicle and take much of the pressure off the horses. 

(see back to them hossses again huh?)


Here's the rod from the pedal.



Middle of the picture at the bottom, sorry it gets lost in the colour scheme.


No I am not making it a different scheme this build really is about Brummagem  :) 

The pedal bashing acts through the pivot lever on the bottom right of shot and pulls against the centre hinge pin seen on the left just before the wheel. Pivot levers will go on the hinge pins and the brake blocks will be fitted to the ends thereof.


The Brake blocks have been painted as have the actuating levers and the curved inner face of the brakes have been covered with self adhesive lead sheet from a fishing tackle supplier.


Not having any dentists in my immediate family I had to develop sources of useful lead sheet.


Ebay as ever did supply. 'Veniard suppliers of quality flytying materials since 1923' it says on the packet


The painted levers and blocks ready to be assembled I think.








The paint now being dry the major assembly can begin.


Back shortly.


(Looks like we have a new friend)



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I admit to putting this piece of the puzzle off 'til a day when I feel braver than usual, but now the 'forged pivot levers are ready it seems daft 'not to!'


So I did.




Near side brake shoe in place of pride.


Off side ditto.



And proper side up, certain to be the best aspect to view the model from.




Final aspect of the braking system.


The pull rods on both sides will need to have a pair of strong springs mounted behind the brake action lever to pull the brakes off  once the foot is lifted from the pedal.


The above useful shot showed me some of the newly installed underframe works that were still Evergreen White, phew sorted.




That strong spring, hmm, where's me 10 amp fuse wire and a piece of Albion Alloys .3 mm slide tube?



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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Spring? it's nearly Autumn for goodness sake! 

Nice work though. It's getting there! 


BTW, Springs. Raid that drawer full of old Biro's. That's what I do. 👍

Tell you what Pete, if I could get springs this thin from those old biros...








Useless picture but hey the springs do show OK ish  :) 

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So the new springs are done, the proper length and on the bus underframe.


Let's see if the brakes are visible down there in the dark




No, not really






well no not really


I can see  them because I put them there but I bet you sixpence you can hardly even notice them.


Anyway, here we have the stamping pedal, the up hauling rod and  the levers both sides which transmit all that oomph to the brake blocks.




I see that little girl is still causing trouble for her mom downstairs




This view does (just) show the horizontal brake rod which operates the brake lever and behind the lever is the powerful spring to separate the shoe from the wheel when the driver clicks and waggles his whip, "walk on!"




Not clear I realise but...


It was auction day on the Horse Fair, we might be having a palomino-ish type on the traces soon. 





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3 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

If the detail wasn't there it's absence would be obvious. I have no idea what an Up hauling rod is. But yours, Sir, is a beauty. (Snort).

Glad you like it Pete

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  • perdu changed the title to "Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale

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