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"Five Ways? Room on top!" A Brummagem horse drawn buzz in 1/32nd scale


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Unfortunately John the effects of Fusion on my modelling have been massively overstated :(


But this is not a dead parrot, it is not extinct nor is it glued to the perch.




Some minor work on the figures rides along with rebuilding the recalcitrant upstairs seating.


Mind you these lovely Preiser figures are a bit naughty, if I caught her doing this from across the aisle altercations would result.


Bog off and buy your own paper, lassie.







n.b. it is NOT possible to actually read the paper, why would it be?


Bercow Senior is not a real person, only a little plastic chappie so he does not need real articles in his Brum Gazette.

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Quite a brazen little hussy isn't she! Was there, perchance, an article about herself that she was trying to peruse?



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You know what Ian, that never occurred to me.


Little minx huh, news from the assizes maybe.


She looks uncharacteristically pale too compared to her peers.



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Parked quietly by the roundabout at Five Ways with horses nibbling grass whilst I find answers to my ridiculous little problems.


Under weigh quietly now but not in a rush.

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Really rich character work on those figures Bill, just lovely. That figure reading the paper is just so right in posture and expression.


Is that the morning or evening edition of the paper though? It's hard to tell from here... 😁

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I think we have to look into the characteristics of these folks to get 'the read' on that Tony.


Not yet bowed by the daily toil I'd guess at morning edition...



Not bowed by daily toil?


Not me then, I unmasked the roof after a fresh paint job.




Paint from a company selling so-called bus livery, which isn't quite the right cream and with a blue light years from the proper hue just jumped aboard a passing piece of masking tape.




New colour for you miladdo!




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Lost it again FGS...🥵


Try yet again.


I have been experimenting with the means to get the passengers up the stairs which let's face it is what double deckers need.


This version did not work, at all, not sure why I thought it might.



Individual steps climbing up there




Built up against a cylindrical former and curving around...




So how about this?


Mount the staircase framing on the platform and curve it round at its proper angle.



Looks promising even though I admit the shot's natural ordure shows from here Ian, sorry again mate.


Using a poor old fashioned method to place pictures in Postimg, need the phone it's so much better than the Olympus.


Anyway I digress as usual


Curve the flat side carcass around up to meet the lower deck's upper floor attachment area.






I need to cut a sharper angle for the side wall which will meet the upper wall of 'downstairs' at its top.


Work goes on folks, ciao.

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well that looks like a nice little challenge there Bill.  I think (without the benefits of CAD/3d modeling) you have chosen the best route, that is, to scratch build it in situ. It's certainly not the easiest structure to create but with your skills... it's going to look stunning

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Thank you Alan, I am hoping it works this time


Fresh angle on the strip of 'iron', let's give that a go.



into Postimg on my phone, immediate action. Still ordurous photography however sorry.


Curve we round to...



The top of the stairs please.




Axiom testing station, stand well clear.


Junction secured with a film of superglue.




Does not show up well but you can trust me, there is a film of superglue all round the riser junction which ought to stop twisting in service. On the real bus there is a bolted on frame there to add stiffness.


Here we get what I gives us...



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Thats a great innovative way to build those tricky stairs up Bill. Fingers crossed but you have an approach, a method and it seems ample means. 


Hats off to you sir!



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No doubt whatsoever that you'll get that staircase done Bill. And it will be stunning.:nodding:

I'd crack a 'one step at a time' gag but then the man with the newspaper would have the inspector throw me off.

So I won't.


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Bill, that reminds me of a modelmaking project I was given, when working at Anglo-American in Johannesburg. The drawing office had two formulae for a spiral feed chute but didn't know which one was correct. I hade to build a model of each one, which went back to the drawing office. However, I never heard the outcome!

Maybe, if you take a shout piece of card, then height of the first floor and wrap it round in a curve and then draw the slope. Then build your steps into the curve.




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I keep everything I can cross, crossed for you dear Bill but it does look like you have a handle on this one. Will the steps be rounded to fit? They will won’t they? Ooh it’s going to be a heck of a challenge. 


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23 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

Will the steps be rounded to fit? They will won’t they? Ooh it’s going to be a heck of a challenge. 

Well they will need shaping to suit of course.





The basic  construction (this time) has the bottom step riser packed against a 60 thou square strip and Bernaed together as a start point.


Once set



We begin planning or was that plotting? I dunno...


With the bottom riser set it's time to get grimm* downstairs.




This still might not get anywhere yet.




The Inner face of the staircase has a different base angle to allow for the tighter centre circle on the spirals, Berna comes to play again.


Upstairs too, to allow for angle calculations.




Some cockpit glue to hold things together and find something entirely different to do.



*horror stories are yet to be told...




The beat goes on....

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One interesting way to describe it :) I suppose.


Anyway I do need to give the plan a bit of a go.


 a start



Up a bit.


It's a bit of a fiddle to get some kind of symmetry going when going up.




Soon be time for Robin to tell us about his favourite spot.



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That's a pretty decent challenge Bill, getting the sides parallel and the steps even. Looks as though you're getting there though!



It would be much easier in Fusion! :whistle:



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