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Motorhead Tour Truck 1/32 Revell (07654)


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Motorhead Tour Truck

1/32 Revell (07654)




If you have not heard of Motorhead have you been living under a rock or something? Formed in 1975 by Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister after being sacked by Hawkwind they helped lead a revival of Heavy Metal in the UK in the late 1970s. With 22 studio albums, 10 live recordings, 12 compilation albums, and five EPs over 40 years. they have sold over 15 million albums. Though there have been different band members over the year most will associate  of Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor,  and "Fast" Eddie Clarke on drums and guitar with the band.  Lemmy died in 2015 and then drummer Mikkey Dee and guitarist Phil Campbell confirmed that Motörhead had disbanded, Phil Taylor and Eddie Clarke had already passed as well by this date.



The Kit

There seems to be a certain section of the model buying crowd who also like their Heavy Metal and various companies have used this to their advantage. Here Revell have re-boxed their Kenwoth Truck. Scalemates has this going back to the late 1980's however the chassis is stamped 1980? Either way this is used to the Metal bands as has been released previously with the Kiss and ACDC logos. As well as the main parts for the Cab, Trailer Body and floor there are 8 sprues in black plastic (whatever else!) and one sprue of chromed parts. The kit obviously being marketed as needing no painting although you do get some paint, glue and a paint brush in the box as well.




Construction starts with the cab unit. Its wheels (all plastic) are made up and attached to the axles. These and their suspension components then go onto the cab chassis. A prop shaft connects to the drive axle. The large chrome fuel tanks go on each side, and the fifth wheel plate goes on. At the rear large mud flaps and reflectors go on. Next up the interior of the cab is fitted out before it can be fitted inside the main cab along with the windscreen. No side windows are provided. At the front the lights go into the bumper and this is fitted to the cab. The cab unit then goes on to its chassis. The large stack exhausts in chrome then go on. To finish off lights and air horns re fitted to the rook, and the mirrors to the side of the cab, the wind deflector being the last part fitted. 












The trailer is now built up. The landing legs get built and attached to the trailer floor. For the rear the axles and suspension units get built up and attached to the side rails. Behind the rear axle large mud flaps are added. The tyres (again in plastic) can then be fitted. The chassis rails are fitted to the trailer bed and then the rear axles can go on. he large one part trailer body can then be fitted along with the rear doors which may be open or closed. 









Here the decal sheet is printed in Italy and should pose no issues other than their size! Also yes Revell did print those big naughty words. 





If you are a Motorhead fan with some disposable then this is the kit for you.





Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

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