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1/72 - Fairey Gordon Mk.I & Mk.II by Kora models - Mk.I released - new boxings


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After the Fairey IIIF (link), Kora Models has just relased a 1/72nd Fairey Gordon kit.

- ref. 72125 -  Fairey Gordon Mk.I - Brazilian NAVY - long type float late 

Complete plastic kit with photo-etched parts, resin engine and decals.




Box art







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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/72 - Fairey Gordon Mk.I & Mk.II by Kora models - Mk.I released - new boxings
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Links to Kora eshop

- ref. 72129 - Fairey Gordon MK.I - Late Service in RAF 


- ref. 72130 - Fairey Gordon Mk.II - RAF Service over Middle East 




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The Mk.II boxing contains three markings, two of them from No. 14 Squadron. I like the first one.




I did not obtain the Mk.I "Late Service" boxing, because I was not attracted by its selection of rather dull markings (read camouflaged). I suppose someone else may hold quite the opposite opinion. So for such strange people, below the Mk.I instructions as found on the internet (modelimex.cz).




Nevertheless, I still have the childish hope that one day we will get Mk.I "Early Service", which will look e.g. like this. Do you follow this thread carefully, Kora?




I expect both boxings contain the same additional parts compared to the original Fairey IIIF sprues. They consist especially of the late empennage, tail wheel and new propeller. The solution for the fuselage is rather unusual. Just the port half has been provided. The starboard half is combination of the original IIIF fuselage (which you are supposed to bisect) and extra nose part. Much in the way the IIIFs were modified to Gordons back in the 30's. I am really tempted to make fit test soon.




And then we get resin AS Panther and wheels with balloon tyres.



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Could not resist and made the fit test of the IIIF/Gordon fuselage halves. Stage #1 below.




Stage #2, so far so good.




Stage #3. I think the fit is completely acceptable.




There is nothing to be afraid of. It took me 20 minutes with razor saw and Flex-I-File, including cleaning of the parts and repeated test fitting. I kept a bit of extra plastic in the seam area, it is going to be easier to remove it, than to fill a gap later, when I build the kit in earnest.

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