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Getting back to the bench: HMS Vanguard (S28) (Bronco 1/350 scale) *** FINISHED ***

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One way or another I have not been able to get to the model bench since April. While browsing the local hobby shop on a Sunday a few weeks ago I found this, which looked ideal as a quick build to get me going again.




Not much to it.




First task after putting the simple stand together was to blu-tak some fishing weights into the bottom of the lower hull, to give a bit of heft.




Then it was fairly swift work and at the end of the first Sunday here was where I had got to:




It needed a bit of filler along the join between the upper and lower hulls, but not much.


The following weekend (last week) I got on with the painting, my usual brush painted Tamiya acrylics. I decided to make do with what I had "in stock", so the top part was painted XF-69 NATO Black, the underside XF-24 Dark Gray and the front dome XF-1 Black, as was the walkway on the topside. Here was where I was by the end of last weekend.






This Sunday, it was a case of some minor touch ups and a couple of brushed on coats of floor polish before putting on the minimal number of decals.


I also delay with the rather nice brass name plate by running thinned Italeri acrylic black into the engraved details, wiping away any excess. I needed to touch it up a few times, but eventually I was satisfied. A couple of coats of floor polish to protect the fragile Italeri paint and then I stuck it to to the black stand with some white glue. 


So here is where I am at today:






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  • SimonL changed the title to Getting back to the bench: HMS Vanguard (S28) (Bronco 1/350 scale) *** FINISHED ***

After leaving this fallow for a couple of months finally got around to finishing.


The name plates are in the dreaded photetch, they suggest a blue colour with letters picked out in silver. I took the cheats way out. A couple of coats of Tamiya acrylic blue and the a gentle rubbing back with some very worn wet’n’dry paper. Pretty happy with how they look.




I fixed them to the side of the sail with some superglue, and after some final touch ups and sorted the missiles I’m calling this finished. I’m leaving it with the somewhat glossy look for now as I don’t have enough rattle can semi-gloss to spray it (supplies are a bit low at the local hobby shop). I will post some photos in a RFI shortly.




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