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Vintage Dornier Do17F

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I started this ancient Airfix Do17F in 1/72 well over a year ago, and got to the decals stage around January this year. Unfortunately the decals were no good and I shelved the model, the replacement decals I would need to buy would cost more then the model itself. Because I am probably slightly insane I decided recently to just but the decals and ended up using ones from four different decal sheets to complete the model. So with an evening of applying decals and an afternoon of weathering, here it is. It’s also my first attempt to airbrush exhaust stains. Criticism welcome :) 







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19 hours ago, Heather Kay said:

Oh, so that’s what it’s supposed to look like! :laugh:


That looks rather splendid. Well done, and good on you for persevering to get it over the line. 

definitely took some perseverance, I must have used a whole tube of filler on this model, nice and easy finish though, once I decided to actually buy some decals.

18 hours ago, Buzby061 said:

Lovely. I do like that splinter camo.



splinter camo is a favourite


17 hours ago, Alpha Juliet said:

You can see why they called it "The Flying Pencil" - must have been very cramped in there!  Love model and finish, well done Sir!

does seem it would have been a very cramped aircraft, especially on these early variants before the more famous Do17Z cockpit was introduced. 

15 hours ago, Farmerboy said:

Got this in my stash, open the box from time to time but on inspection quickly put the lid back on! Really appreciate how good your model is, well done for sticking with it.

it's definitely worth building, you'll need a bucket full of filler but it's quite fun to build. 100% worth the effort

12 hours ago, Terry1954 said:

Splendid looking Dornier, and a rather nice ME110 there as well. The finish is spot on IMHO.



Thanks, I'm trying to find if I ever posted the 110 on RFI or not, I can't remember

3 hours ago, Abandoned Project said:

It's not a Vulcan! Has this account been hacked? ;)

Anyway, :goodjob: looks fantastic.

haha must have been. don't worry though, I have 10 V Bombers to build soon


40 minutes ago, RidgeRunner said:

Very nice, Adam. I always loved the Dornier bombers and you’ve brought this life beautifully!



Dorniers, especially the early ones, are some of my favourite ww2 aircraft

12 minutes ago, binbrook87 said:

That's scrubbed up really well. The paintwork is fantastic, i do love the early 3 tone Luftwaffe splinter camo. And the exhaust stains are superb. I must try that technique at some point. 

I think the early camo is some of the best the Luftwaffe ever used. I will probably paint my RS Models kit, which I will be doing next year, in RLM70/71 over 65 or so over black rather than splinter camo. 

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Well from one realy ancient modeler who built this a few times when it first came on sale ,back in the day. I have to say you have built a beautiful model and as far as i am concerned ,nothing to criticise it looks great well done .👏

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