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Well I had to do it, just to see what it was like compared to the old faithful Revell kit.
at first glance it's nice, but there are flaws, well there are with most kits, but when it's all new tooling, and such avast array of online images, you would think it's impossible to get wrong.
so this is the cockpit OTB, with a few ANZY decals and switches, but the ejector seats are from the kit, I also opted to use Tamiya tape for the seat belts, as the PE supplied is thick, and not very pliable. any enjoy landing gear is next.


So new pics of the build so far





Burner cans inserted, you need to be careful here as they are difficult to insert, so I cheated, and cut the middle section away, which allowed be to insert the forward blades, then the burners.



the 2 x screws which are for securing the wing roots are as much use as a chocolate fire guard, they need to bite into the plastic, too much tension and they will not work, and even though one of mine was round on the end, I decided not to use them, so I went to the Tamiya spares box used these with a locking nut work, there is some weight to the wings so you need to take care.











wing pylon detail is lost, so I re drilled them





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update on images
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Gather round everybody......

Somebody's starting ..........THE KIT!!!! :clap:


And it's looking pretty awesome so far. Great start with the cockpit. I'd love to see how this goes together.



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Great looking cockpit. Not sure if it bothers you, but the hoses wouldn’t usually be on the seats outside of the service bay. If you find a picture of a Tornado pilot you will see them hanging from their flight suit.


Looking forward to seeing your opinions of the kit though as I’m so tempted to get one.



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What they said!


Fantastic work OOB Mike - I was going to see if the Aires cockpit (designed for the Revell kit) might fit as I plan on an early GR.1 but looking at your work I might have a go at the kit pit - suitably modified. Any pointers on the base colour paint used and how you went about / brought out the detailing..? 



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