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AMK 1/48 F-14D, VF-2

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Hi all. 

Just a few shots of my last build. Was started not long after I finished my Tamiya F-14D, as a comparison build. Wish I had built them the other way around. Despite the AMK kit having more OOB options than a Tomcat fan could ever want from a kit, I find the kit falls short when compared to Tamiya's offering.


The shape issues on the AMK kit have been well discussed already, but although I realise it's unfair to compare the fit of this kit to the Tamiya kit, I find the biggest shortcoming is the over-engineered approach AMK have taken. By giving literally every pose option you could think of, the fit of the kit suffers, and as a result, this kit fought me every step of the way. The Tamiya F-14D is maybe my favourite kit on the market right now, and I plan to build many more of them. If I were to add another AMK kit to my stash, I would be tempted to use it solely as a donor kit to add the wings to a Tamiya build. The dropped wings in the AMK kit are the real stars of the show.


Still, it's a big, well detailed Tomcat with a million options from the box. I built mine OOB, with the exception of the decals which came from the Tamiya kit. Speaking of which, a debt of gratitude is owed to @exdraken who really saved this build by parting with the decals from his kit after a rather embarrassing accident with mine.


Finished with Vallejo model air paints and weathered with Windsor & Newton oils/varnishes. C&C welcome as always. Hope you enjoy! 



















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That's a beauty Daryl!  Despite the challenges you experienced with the AMK kit, that's a fantastic result.


The finish and weathering are excellent and the compressed stance, poised on the catapult just oozes restrained energy.  Well done!

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Lovely build and I really appreciate the write up comparing this to Tamiya.  Certainly both have a place in the market but it is very good to get your take in contemplating which one to build.  I have the Tamiya's F-14A in the stash but have considered the AMK for an F-14D mainly as I want everything hanging out.  Really appreciate your post!

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Super Tomcat Daryl. I totally agree about the build comparison, the Tamiya’s a dream although there’s much to like about this kit. I’m using the lovely spare open wings on a Tamiya A-model and it’s been all but painless, if I get a mo I’ll post some pics. 
Congratulations on slugging it out for the win!



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