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Croatia wants Bradleys?

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There was a lot of talk about it floating around, but nothing definitive in the press. This is actually the first really official document pertaining to it that I've seen...

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This is not a request for the vehicles themselves but for a shopping list of kit to support their modernisation and refurbishment. 


The vehicles themselves are not included as their donation was approved separately about a year ago to create a Bradley-equipped mechanised infantry battalion.  60 operational vehicles plus 24 as spares sources, all M2A2 ODS from storage in notionally operational condition.  While the vehicles themselves were donated free of charge, Croatia agreed to invest $2-5M per vehicle with US companies in upgrade and refurbishment.  This request implements that undertaking.  They received a concurrent $25M grant under a US scheme to help former Eastern-leaning current allies to transition to Western (i.e. US!) equipment for NATO compatibility.


The linked equipment request approval implies that Croatia will  mobilise 15 of the 24 vehicles intended as spares support as it says 75 rather than 60.  The vehicles have not yet been delivered and the implication of the linked document is to permit BAE Systems to undertake the refurbishment.

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