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Hello !


It’s been a litle while since I posted anything here , so there is my latest plastic achievement with an “exercice de style “ from an historical photo.




I wanted to mount the new Tamiya’s Marder 1 and reproduce this well-known pic was a kind challenge.


It required to open the front driver’s post and scratching the interior and somme spécial stuffs as the 5cm mortar ammunition box while thinning a lot of pieces












Hope you’ll like it and that the work done was worth it




full build here :


See you





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Superlative! 👍 Some questions:

- where did you fine the casemate mesh? perfect in scale

- what did you use for ground work?

- the black base in homemade?




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As ever Fabrice, superb!

Your vignette/dioramas are always a pleasure to look at, so much detail and atmosphere. 

Great modelling and photography. 


Thanks for posting


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