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Admiralty ships boats and launches - anyone produced CAD designs to sell the files in Obj or STL?

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Hello everyone,


I have been scratchbuilding model ships for a number of years now, mostly aircraft carriers, but I have problems trying to make the ship's boats and launches.  I have bought myself a 3D printer, in order to produce the smaller items on a model, but my CAD skills are very basic at the moment.  Does anyone know of a CAD designer who has produced RN ship's boats and who may be able to sell the files for home production?  I know Shapeways do them but I am going to need a lot and couldn't afford to go down that route.


Here is a view of my feeble effort at making my own with styrene sheet plastic; hence why I would like to be able to get better quality versions.





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Hi, Mike, do you have any drawings?  I might try a quick draw (no charge) if the source info is usable.  I've just drawn a 1/72 Navaho from plans, and am building the resulting print.





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